Monday, December 5, 2016

Rose WholeSale x Jseivad // Rose Bell Sweater 2 Ways

With all the holidays festivities going on and searching online for gifts no one has time to truly shop for self. This is the best time to learn how exactly to build upon the pieces you have in your closet. Since, it's sweater weather this is the best time to take on the challenge!!

Most of the time people avoid wearing the same sweater twice because for obvious reason you can tell. However isn't that the whole point of clothing to get the most use out of it. I know for me that's the basic principle. Finding pieces that go well with my current wardrobe, so when I enter seasons like this I don't have to run around looking for something to wear. 

This is currently one of my favorite Bell Sleeve Ribbed Knit sweater from Rose Wholesale! A great place to find items that are more valuable than their actually price. I love the color and texture. I especially love the fact that it has bell sleeves. For the past month and a half, I've been kinda obsessed with the trend. Personally though it's a timeless cut that would never go out of style for me. 

My first look I went dressed for a warm fall day in New York. Where the leaves are still on the branches and the wind is no where to be found. I paired my sweater with my H&M vintage style midi skirt and my cognac boots. I love the richness of fall in this outfit. Embracing the season change without disappearing into the background. When styling any piece you want to go with a contrast color. A color that will enhance the look and shoes that will blend the look altogether. Unless, the shoes are the showstopper then we have a different styling, which we'll save for next time.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thrifting: A New Way to Shop

Growing up, when you have several siblings there was a thing called hand-me-downs. If you were the oldest child you were happy because you got new things. Wasn't all the same for everyone that came after. Your childhood included clothes past down from your oldest siblings. I remember watching sitcoms that talked about this, even friends that told me how much it annoyed them. It's crazy to think now that we are older, having second hand clothing is a thing. Not just a thing but a way of life especially in New York City. 

What I love though is how it has helped create companies like GoodWill Industries who purpose is to provide jobs and give back to the community all through the donation of people old clothing, jewelry, furniture, etc. It was more than an honor when I was invited to GoodWillNYNJ pre-store opening of their new location on 61st and 1st ave. I was overwhelm with joy to be apart of something so special.  
A little background on GoodWill Industries and where they have gone. GoodWill vision is to "empower individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment to gain independence through the power of work." 

GoodWill vision is to see people in their communities reach their highest potential. Having them achieve a life filled with productivity. The core values of GoodWill are to first and foremost care for the people, because it is the people that their mission is center around. Respecting the people and their right to choice, abiding to a high ethical standard, and responsibility. Embrace a workplace where differences are valued and respected. While empowering people through innovative and quality services.  

"Goodwill stores encourage efficient use of resources.  By recovering usable items, in 2015 Goodwill diverted 117 million pounds from local landfills, up from 112 million pounds in 2014, 87 million pounds in 2013!  Our focus on re-purposing and recycling promotes environmental sustainability and provides green jobs." - GoodWill Industries