Friday, June 20, 2014

Minnie Mouse DIY: McCall’s M6833 Review

I was strolling down on Facebook one day and I saw one of my friends with a lovely polka dot summer dress that I thought was so adorable. I wanted one, but I wasn’t going to buy one. Of course not! I wanted to make my own. Whenever I get a chance to brush up on the basics of sewing I take it and stitch with it. I wanted make it before my vacation. I had only two days before I left for my trip. I didn’t feel like making the pattern from scratch so for the first time I used a pre-made pattern. 

Most people know I make my own patterns, mostly because I like to be original and as a fashion designer I have to keep learning and growing. I must know all parts of the design aspect. Honestly, the main reason I don’t use patterns is because I can never stick with the initial design, I always venture out. I decide to stick with it this time, and I am glad I did.

This dress is fun and flirty. It is a perfect dress to wear on a picnic date or out shopping with the girls. I used McCall’s M6833 and completed it within a day. The pattern was very easy to understand. The only part that actually gets difficult is inserting the zipper. The directions can be a little hard to understand but overall effective to getting the perfect zipper insert. If you’re not an intermediate when it comes to zippers you should definitely practice more before you making your final garment.
I suggest this pattern be used by advance beginners and above. It is a great dress and would be lovely in various colors and prints. I love the dress so much that I am thinking about making it in a yellow. The best things in life are bold and bright.

The McCall’s Pattern 6833 also has various other styles, so you can get a total of four looks and even restyle them to create your own look.

So, for my first time completing a garment using a premade pattern I give it five stars! Thanks McCall’s!

Accessories on Deck:

    Red Cut Off Pumps from Zara
    Gold Bracelet from Ann Taylor
     Earrings from Stella & Dot
      Vintage Woven Purse from Goodwill

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  1. So gorgeous! I think I'll have to go out and attempt to sew my own dress.

  2. Gorgeous print! The red is absolutely amazing on you!


  3. GIRL, you are SO talented. I can't believe you made this dress. way to be a #girlboss. Looks awesome on you xoxo, Lauren

  4. Love this dress on you. I wish I could sew. My mom used to make my clothes when we were growing up in Jamaica but all she does now is hem. I wish she would still make me pretty dresses. This is such a great skill to have. Love the red...stunning! Xoxo

  5. This dress is STUNNING On you!! You designed it to perfection! You are one of the most talented people I know!! Keep going girl!! xo