Monday, June 23, 2014

Places to Go: Rosa Mexicano

One thing you guys will soon learn about me is that I love food. I love going out to eat to but I also like cooking at home as well. However, eating out is an experience. Like my bestfriend would say it’s a performance like a play, once it’s over it’s over. You never get the dish made the same again, its always slightly different.

During my mini vaca to Maryland, I met my bestfriend in D.C. Note: Maryland, D.C. and Virginia are particular close so most people from the area just say the DMV. Anyways, we took a trip to Gallery Place in D.C. and stop for a bite to eat at Rosa Mexicano, located at 575 7th St NW Washington, DC.  The atmosphere overall is breathtaking with a bar on the left and seating in front as you walk in and continue to the right you can’t help but fall in love. They also have seating outside if you want to enjoy the summer weather.  They have woven chairs, mosaic on the walls, and endless supply of nachos.

The menu at Rosa Mexicano is also delightful, with a range of Mexican dishes like Tachos de Mahi Mahi and Flautas de Pollo. Unfortunately, I was hungry I picked what I normally get at any Mexican restaurant, Quesadillas. I wasn't in the mood to be surprised. My bestfriend however, got a Budin de Pollo which looked and tasted amazing. Included in the dish was a bowl of brown rice, and black beans. We also got a side of plantains. This in its own was amazing because they added something different, a dash of mozzarella and cream cheese. I know what you’re thinking guys, but this is a must try. It was just delicious. 

 One more thing I’m a big believer on is tipping so, customer service matters to me. We had the best waitress. My best friend had to drink about six cups of water that day because literally the moment his glass was almost empty our waitress was right there filling it up again. She was amazing, she came to check on our meal and made sure we had all that we needed and was very patient. We also had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Rosa Mexicano and that to me meant something. It doesn't matter who you are or your status everyone deserves great customer service and Rosa Mexicano gave us five stars.

So, if you’re ever in gallery place, D.C. go to Rosa Mexicano! You will not be sorry. I just hope the next time I go I can actually try something different.

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