Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shine Brighter Than The Sun

Taking pictures has always been something I dread. Mainly because I had to look at myself through a lens, and often I wouldn't feel pretty. I would nit pick at every single thing and would feel horrible about myself after. Self-hatered has been a battle I've been fighting since junior high, due to name calling at school, jokes being played, even negativity in my home.
I never saw my inner me, just what other people said the outer me look like. It wasn't till college I realize how beautiful I was. This wasn't because of me developing, or guys noticing me. It was because I notice myself.

I began to see me for who I truly was. Intelligent, beautiful, sophisticated and talented. We are our worst enemies. We have to fight that inner demon in order to cancel out those on the outside. It takes little steps to begin the process. Like putting reminders on your phone, telling yourself your beautiful. Daring to do something you never thought you could do. Evaluating your good traits and being surround by people who love you for you. 

It takes time to get over your flaws and start to embrace them. We all have situations that made us become so insecure and hateful to ourselves. But it's our choice whether or not we continue to believe what the world says. Live your life, don't care what the next person has to say about how you look. You are an original star created to shine bright. Never let anyone tell you different.

Everyday I'm working on myself, it is a never ending task. It takes hard work and dedication to be yourself. But I tell you this once you make that choice you will never want to go back to the old you. For today you are shining brighter than the sun.

Look Review
Blouse & Pants from Ann Taylor

Accessories on Deck
Ribbon Gold Chain: Ann Taylor
Earrings: Vintage Find
Blue Bag:  H&M
Sandals:  H&M

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Inspirational Message of the Day 

Your body is what makes you sexy. Your smile is what makes you pretty. But, your personality is what makes your beautiful. Be confident, be kind, be you!

Photo Credit : Osha Waiters  @osha_91

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