Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lady in Red

Red has got to be the most sexiest color on earth. When a women wears red she feels, sexy, sophisticated, elegant, and timeless. I always wanted a red dress that was sexy and said "She is a Boss". However, I could never could find the right one. Nothing seem to suit my taste. I wanted something I could not only wear to a meeting but also wear on a date. So, I designed this.
A double knit dress with a half drop angle into a sweetheart neckline. I created a angle shape cuts that highlight the natural shape of a womens body. Unfortunately, you can barely see it because I used a solid color. So, I will be making a color-block version, that way you guys that detail.

This is a great dress to transition to when fall comes around. Perfect to wear to work and other social networking events. This dress I plan to put into my fall work wear capsule collection. I believe women are always looking for something nice to wear to work. It's sophisticated yet sexy. It's a power dress for the powerful women.

I piece together this look with my White Stone & Crystal Gem Gold necklace with matching earrings, courtesy of  Hugssy. They are a chic jewelry company, with fabulous jewels at great prices. This set is a new favorite of mine especially the necklace. You ladies know I love elegant statement necklaces.

Inspirational Message of the Day

SHE is clothed in STRENGTH and DIGNITY, and she LAUGHS without fear of the future.


  1. What a beautiful dress and a gorgeous shape! X

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! Truly appreciate it!