Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last Days of Summer

It seems like this summer just flew by. I'm not even sure if I got to do everything that I wanted to do this summer. But honestly this summer was the best summer I had in a long time. I accomplish so much in the past three months. I launch my blog, I opened up my online Etsy shop,
I join a few sewing groups, etc.
I got to meet so many creative individuals, I got a partnership with a fabulous jewelry company and even got to teach a few people some sewing tricks. I inspired a few people to chase their dreams. I completed a bunch of my project me challenges. I've gain a clear positive mind. But most importantly I have started building a strong relationship with my lord and savior. Through him all is possible.

I look forward to the rest of the year and plan on continuing the journey, making new goals along the way. I look forward to my new A/W Shop Collection, new blog post, working on new editorials and even introducing more D.I.Y's into my blog. I look forward to inspiring more people. I look forward to NYFW coming up, new features and more! The world is mine for the taking!

I just want to say thank you guys so much for all the support and love! I appreciate it with all my heart!. Please continue to share my work. Follow me on instagram @jseivad and Like my brand Brigette Clarice on facebook!

 Look today is a white ruffle "off the shoulder" blouse and floral  maxi skirt designed by me!

Beautiful Pink Flowers Statement Necklace courtesy of Hugssy. 
Be sure to check out all Hugssy beautiful jewels by clicking the link above.

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Inspirational Message of the Day

"Your worth isn't how they treat you, your worth is How You Treat Yourself." - #RehabTime


  1. When I look at this outfit, I envision it being worn on some exotic island like Bora Bora with exotic fruits and clear water in the ocean. This is really a beautiful outfit!



    1. Thank you!!!!! This outfit was so much fun to make. I got so many compliments while shooting it was crazy!!! Def will take this when I go on a vacation to the Bahamas or something lol!

  2. love the way you designed & tied your skirt
    this look is effortlessly beautiful