Thursday, September 18, 2014


NYFW is over, until next year. Ahhh the horror, but to hold you over here are my finally two shows. I hope you guys enjoyed the journey as much as I did. It was nothing short of amazing. This season was filled with hues of purple and blue, glimpse of gold and silver, and fun sequins in all shapes and sizes. Walking into MBFW tent was in it's own a blessing from above. All and all this journey was truly amazing! Finally shows and looks on deck.


In the words of the designer herself, this spring/summer collection, she shadows vagabond as she meanders through castles in the air traipsing between realities and crossing borders unknown. A traveler, a nomad, lost within her self-perception.

This collection was shined, which bright whites, lace tops and sequins blouses. It seems every wants to glitter a little this seasons. My personal favorite was the sequin back blouse and the long sleeveless blazer coat. I can see myself making my own with a twist. tailoring it to highlight my hour glass figure I love so very much.

Bruce & Glen S/S 2015

With a mix of prints and texture Bruce & Glen S/S 2015 Collection was nothing but a joy ride, the name of this fun filled collection. Pairing strong colors with even bolder prints, it was sure to make you say hmm. I personally adored the skirts. I loved how it draped and showed a little skin. Classy yet sexy. I also like the blazers layered with swarovski crystals.

Another great thing about this collection is that the Designers Bruce & Glen had the opportunity to collaborate with Nina Shoes. They created their own line of shoes for the season. Clog styled heels filled with more crystals and gems. Fun and cute, sticking to the full theme of the collection. Beautiful!

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Inspirational Message of the Day

The only way to do great work is to love what you do!


  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful clothes! Must be a dream to have attended NYFW!!

    1. Thank you, It was a dream! So, so so amazing! A great blessing for me, one step closer to my dream.

  2. I love Karoline's collection, the color are just so pleasing <3

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    1. Thank you, I especially love the sequins back top. So inspiring!

  3. Hi dear! I don't know why my Google+ isn't working, and I'm not sure how to link it on my website, but I'm glad we're following each other on IG! These are great photos from NYFW, looks like a very wonderful experience!! I especially love that drape, lavendar skirt. So classy and sexy at the same time! I'll be sure to stop by your blog again :) Hope you have a great start to the week!


    1. Thanks boo, always a pleasure hearing from you!