Friday, January 9, 2015

American Eagle // Walk with Faith

I must admit if you told me a year and  a half ago I would be dedicated to God I would of half way believed you. Not saying I never believed, it was more so, I never put Him to action. A lot of times as humans we find ourselves going thru the motion of things. Having the tendency to sawyer got a break or luck. Due to that luck we were able to get thru this, or we got thru that. However, being on this walk with God, I've come to realize it's not us doing it. It is His grace upon our lives that we are able to achieve, succeed and make it through those tough times. All He ever ask for us to do is have faith, as little as a mustard seed. 

It has been a trying time in my life, where I went left and things just keep going wrong. However, in this new walk it seems like once I give God the wheel everything lines up perfectly. From little things to big things. I’ve gotten feed, rides home, things that just was all God. Even my mindset! That in itself is the greatest testimony.

I use to feel lonely, anxious, bored. I use to need the touch of a man, or want to be in a relationship. I was always worried whenever things didn’t go my way. I was crazy hard on myself. I would obesely compare myself to others, or get in my feelings whenever my friends at the time went out and didn’t invite me.  It wasn’t healthy. Wasn’t healthy at all. But by God grace he wipe away everything. Every feeling, every urge, every thing that was not of him. It was to the point I didn’t realize it till a month and a half in my walk. One day, I was laying on my bed, on the phone with my leader and told her I’m at peace. 

I will tell you this before Christ, I tried every mechanism to change all those things but nothing sticked, nothing clicked. But the moment I let God in, He started doing his work in me. 

This is not a easy walk, I will not lie to you. There are moments I mess up, or don’t do what God call me to do. However, iI remember He loves me unconditionally and because His grace is upon me I shall not fail nor shall I be punish. It is my mission to continuously grow through this walk. This walk is one of a giving heart and I gave my heart to Christ. The peace that has fallen in my life is so marvelous, that I can take moments like this to spend with my sister Wendy and bask in it. Thank God for this view, the day, and the chances He gives me to glorify him.

He has gifted me with the ability to do so much and helped me so many times that it would be crazy for me not to share and tell the world. This walk is a spotaneous journey, you have to understand giving him the wheel means your going to be ok. Just trust in him to get you to the destination in his time, when things are right where they need to be. Know that everyday is an unplanned in adventure, but spiritual planned by him. As long as you put Him first nothing, and I mean nothing will stand in your way. Being patient, being kind to others, and understanding that life is joyous. Just have joy in your heart, be not of the world but be of God. 

Style Tip of the Day:

Casual looks are always fun to play up. Having a twist to your basic jeans is an easy way to take the casual look to the next level. Like my snake skin pants from H&M because they are in a lighter wash they go with almost any type of top or sweater. I gave it a casual city girl look. Playing with the shade of the snake skin I paired it with this light grey sweater and navy blue jacket. Adding a little more rust in it with my cognac ankle boots. Fun combination yet casual combination. Don’t be afraid to play with shading in your look. Use the colors surrounding your certain piece. It often makes the look stand out without looking like you tried too hard. Effortless Chic!

Full Look

Navy Peacoat - American Eagle
Grey Sweater - H&M
Snakeskin Jeans - H&M
Cognac Ankle Boot - Burlington Coat Factory
Cream Scarf - Forever 21
Black 2-Zip Bag - H&M

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Inspirational Message of the Day

When all else fails have faith. Having that hope is what turns a frown upside down, what makes a day go from bad to good. Building and developing a mindset that of God, positive and faithful sets us up for success in all our endeavors. 

Photo Credit: Wendy @wentri


  1. Gorgeous outfit and pictures! Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! Hope your weekend was filled with fun and laughter!