Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Soho City Style: His Timing

Life in the city is more than what you see on television. Even more so now that I am walking with God. One important thing I learned recently in my walk with God is that his timing is always the right timing. Often we get to a place where we want things when we want it and how we want it. But have you ever stopped to think why the situation didn't work out, why that promotion didn't happen, why, why, why? Maybe it's because you weren't ready or the fact that God has something better. 

 I can't begin to list all the things I've wanted to do, tried to do or gotten half way into and out of nowhere it completely halted. Before I knew Christ I just thought my luck was just bananas. It was only when I started my walk with Him, worshiping more, spending time with God, and getting ministered to that I finally understood that it's not luck, it's blessings. My perspective of timing changed, I understood that Gods timing is not our timing. That just because we want something doesn't necessarily mean it's the right time. We must learn that anything worth having is worth waiting for and Gods timing is perfect timing. Not only will we be ready but we will have the capabilities to strive longer because we built that endurance in.

Style Tip of the Day 

This look was inspired by my love of the city cool girl look. It's edgy yet effortless. Ankle boots are a Fall "Must Have" essential. You always want to go with a rich dark color other than classic black. It not only unifies an outfit but also can turn a plain outfit edgy. For example classic Leather jacket, v-neck tee, long scarf, dark blue denim jacket, and your ankle boots. To make this look more sophisticated remove the white tee and add a button up with an exotic print. Take away the leather jacket and add a mid length over sized coat (my look).

Full Look

Leather Sleeve Tweed Coat - Guess
Dalmatian Print Button Up - Jcrew
Black Highwaist Jeans - H&M 
Black Stockings - H&M
Dark Rust Open Toe Boot - H&M 
Black Bag - Urban Outfitters

Inspirational Message of the Day 

No need to worry, rush, doubt, or fear. God is always, always, always on time.

Photo Credit: Briana @fotographybri


  1. Beautiful coat! Love the whole look!


    1. Thank you love! Your so supportive! It's just amazing. I adore you!