Thursday, February 26, 2015

NYFW F/W15 Part II

This Fashion week as so amazing. Running from show to show, meeting so many different people, it's amazing I didn't tap out one day. God blessed me with more shows than I could imagine. So much that honestly it would take weeks to show review all. So, I decided this time around to show you guys my favorite pieces and why exactly they made the list. Get ready to drool ladies and gents. Your in for a major treat. 

This beautiful number is one of my favorites. Can you guess why? The blouse, I love blouse especially when then have a bow around them. This blouse is a must have in my closet because the bow alone is so grande. Just the thing I need to make a statement. I even love the shade of pink. I'm not a pink lover but this shade is soft and has a little glossy shine to it. Which for me adds a different dimension to the look. 

Another pink look, I know right. Coming from the women who says she does like pink but again it's the shad that is winning me over. What I like about the look is of course the blouse. However, it was the skirt that caught my attention. I can see this being worn at any event especially next year New Years Eve party. It is so retro yet modern. It has just enough flare to make you want to shimmy.

Silver and Pleats, sometimes are a girls friend. I've been a little obsessed with pleated maxi skirts so when this number came in I thought it was perfect for the fall. It can definitely pull off as a grey the more I look at it. So you'll have tons of ways to style it.

Let's get this straight I may adore pink right now but my favorite color will always be blue. And this royal blue dress proves it. I gasps when I saw it coming down the runway. The silhouette, cut outs, color, and sequins design had me at my knees. I just want to wear it around, doesn't matter where I go. Seriously, this dress is beyond perfect.

Yes, pink again but look at how this simply silhouette is set off by the pearl emblesishments. So, divine. I love the uniqueness of it. Sometimes with the designing you can truly just take a simple silhouette and just add on something that makes it stand out from the rest. That's what I love about design, you have so many possible directions you can go.

I was truly love the pearl emblesishments coming down the runway. This look right here, reminded me of something I would see in a Shakespeare play. It was so elegant and the model did amazing coming down the runway in it. She captured my heart.

This is something a queen will wear to go to bed. It is so beautiful. That's why I just order it in my size, just kidding. But seriously this really made me want to look for a set just like this. It was soft, sweet, and wonderfully made. I'm not sure if it is a nightwear ansumble but I will definitely wear it as such and feel like the Queen of New York.

This back of this dress stole the show. I really did care too much for the front because the intercate detailing in the back was amazing. I love how everything was perfectly place along the special cord and the emblessishments branch out of the sides. The different color crystals added diminishes to the dress while still keeping the overall look of the gown. 

So beautiful, I'm not one for dresses that look like flower petals are attached but this was so beautiful. It reminded me of a dress a young girl would wear to her thirteen birthday party. I love that they gave it a modern edge by adding a deep V cut down the back and a little in the front. That added construction is what took this from little girl to grown women. 

Let's just say I fell in love. I was romanced, and won over. This beauty, this wonderful piece. I just saw myself wearing this dress on top of the Effie's tower. I love the floral printed chiffon skirt bottom, the soft detailing at the top with various crystals and pleating. The neckline is so sweet, and the overall flow of the dress seems like you would be floating on cloud nine. I'm just in love.

Ending this magically time is none other than Fashion Weeks Cinderalla. In this beautiful white, pink petal gown. This is what little girls dream are made of. The moment you realize all of your dreams has come true. The beauty in believing in yourself, open doors and opportunities to so many things. So, I want you to leave with this, no matter who you think you are know that YOU ARE GREAT. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO DO. 

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  1. Stunning looks all of them! I can't even pick a favorite cause they are all so fabulous


    1. It was an amazing and wonderful; experience it really was. That lat one took my breathe away.

      Hugs and Love