Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wardrobe Essentials // Spring 2015

A few more days before Spring and I realize it's time to fix my spring/summer wardrobe. The biggest thing you want is pieces that you can wear from spring into summer. So, it's best to shop a more spring closet then summer. In the summer your wearing less pieces so, your spring wardrobe will take care of because you'll have everything and then some. Here, I compressed a true to the mind spring wardrobe essential closet  that every women can work with. I also  include ways to style several pieces. In hopes you can get an overall idea and go from there. Anything you believe I missed or have thoughts/questions on feel free to email me! Other than that enjoy!!! 

These are a must can go with any bottom you want and a quick go to outfit essential when you get a spontaneous call from your client/boss asking you to come in. You can either through a jean jacket or blazer over it and you have your look ready to go. Where it's casual or business casual. 
1. Always go for 100%cotton. The biggest thing to make sure is that your clothes are breathable. 
2. Buy at least 8 white tees and 4 grey because honestly doing laundry in the summer is another task we have a tendency to drag along. So having more is always great! 

These are go tos when it comes to dressing up. Often we hear too much is hard to be fabulous when your sweating a storm. But the biggest thing for me is just redirecting what it is you like. And for women who might not like to show their arms it's always great to pair it with a light weight cardigan preferably cotton making it breathable for your skin. 

Bold and bright that's what I like and nothing is more cute that a flirty circle skirt in the summer time. I have visions of walking along the park, riding along Brooklyn bridges on bikes, it's just always a pleasure. They are some what of a go to piece you just can't live without! 

Most people believe summer dresses are just maxi skirts but honestly for me I don't believe it's a staple. Circle dresses I believe are because they flatter every body shape. They fall at the right place. You can wear them with any foot wear and your less likely to have the hem drag on the floor. They go with any occasion and comes in so many different styles and price range. Maxi dress are great for the lazy days but my choice for wardrobe essential will truly be a circle dress. 

*Fresh Tip: it's great to wear compressed short underneath your skirts and dress especially in the summer because they take up all the sweat and leave you feeling fresh & dry all day long. That's why bikers wear them! 

Pant is my biggest love that come in all weights and forms which is amazing!! I know we all dread the working summer days because sometimes it's just too nice outside! However, with your bring the weather in your wardrobe you can't but help to feel amazing. Whether it's sold pant or prints it's a great staple to have in your wardrobe especially if your not a dress or skirt gal.

So, we all know jeans are like honestly the last thing you want to wear when it's hot. You just feel sticky underneath. However with the creation of jeggings your legs can find it more easier as the weather gets warmer. Some of the best jeggings are sold at American eagle. Coming in all colors! These babies make it easy to feel stylish yet cool. 

It doesn't matter if your wardrobe is minimal or colorful a bright color in the spring time is always a must. It what helps ties the whole look together. Think of candy lane. Go to color that will work for any look is blush aqua blue and green. 

For those of us living in the city we need a cool pair of sneakers to switch into after a long day in heels. Or when you want to casual and cool kicks are the way to go! Best thing is that they are almost always comfortable and go with every outfit. Have fun get the classic white, bright and a cool graphic one! Converse are typical go to for new yorkers! 

You want a bag that is light weight but able to carry all that you need on a sunny day in the city! The most annoying thing in the summer time is being a bag lady and sweating. 

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Ways to Style Your 
Spring Wardrobe Essential 

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  1. Pretty items!! Love the dress and bold pants


    1. Yes, I look to elaborate more on it in the season.

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