Monday, July 20, 2015

Places to Go // The Metropolitan Museum

 Summer in the city is almost always the best. Picnics at the park, kayaking trips, beach outings, etc. It also a great time to check out some amazing exhibits at the museum. For the past oh year I have been trying to make a trip, but it would always get pushed back or just didn't have the money. Recently one of dear friends who I love more than gum drops and candy canes, invite me to visit the Metropolitan Museum with her. So, I just had to share with you guys my favorite, exhibits culture. I also got to see the Fashion Exhibit: China thru the looking Glass. You can check out photos and details of that in the next post.

What I love about ancient artifacts and sculptors is that they have a distinct story. Something that the artist wanted to present to the world, he had to create this specific piece to say it. Its beyond amazing, how the creative mind works. I love African art. Its one of my favorite type of work to look at. It helps me to understand my cultural, as well as understanding that each tribe had its own individuality.

I just fell in love with this glass door, with such detailing who can say no. It so elegant yet historic. I would love this to be the front door of my home or even just a wall installment in my home.

So you can guess I wanted to go behind the ropes and sit in this living room to take a photo. I was a good girl, I didn't do it. I just love the detailing in this room, from the couch to the tea set on the wooden table. It was something out of a nineteen century movie.

Wendy is such I dancer I had her do a spin, she didn't want to. However, when it comes to me she knows I love to bring the fun out in everything. I just love her energy. She is a brilliant dancer and choreographer. She is amazing friend and sister in Christ. Follow her @Wentri on instagram.

Ending off the day with a view that is breathtaking. At the top of the Met. Days like this I just thank God for how far he has brought me. Days where I can just spend time with people I love and do things that make me happy. One advice I can give you about life is cherish the moments that your free to be you. Live as if the day will never end.  Sounds tricky right, but its about literally embracing every minute for what it is and loving the challenges every step of the way.
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