Friday, September 18, 2015

Men Edition // Fall Essentials 2015

:: Men's Edition :: Fall Wardrobe Essential • All the things you need this fall season. Whether your closet needs a full makeover or just need to add a few more pieces. This list will guide you in what you must have and what you can save a few coins on. Happy Fall Shopping!!!

 The Trench Coat 

Essential for the fall weather! This is a piece worth investing because you need it every single fall season! It is one of the core pieces to have in your closet. Go for one that will last long and also compliment your existing wardrobe. If you are redoing your wardrobe look for something you normal wouldn't get and see how it makes you feel. Experiment with a style you normal wouldn't go for. Boarded your style horizon. (Photo:: Left: Burberry, Right: Zara Men)

 The Light Weight Jacket 

Light weight jackets are a must in the windy city. It may not get cold as fast but it sure does get windy. Lightweight jackets are the best kept secret of staying warm during those breezy days. Comes in various styles and weights, Typically any jacket that is lighter that a actually coat is perfect. From bomber jackets, to pilot jackets, to wind breakers. These babies fit and adapt to every style. 
(Photo:: Left: Gap, Right:H&M)

 White & Oxford Buttondown 

The classic button down. It doesn't matter who you are, whether your a banker, bartender, designer or student, every man needs a white and blue button down. It is vital to have in your closet because there are various occasions and reasons you may need one. If your lifestyle calls for more button downs, i say invest in places like Nordstorm, Hugoboss, Jos. A Banks. If you are less like to wear them but know you need some be more budget conscious and look towards places like Banana Republic, Express and H&M. That way you stick to what you can do and focus on whats important in your life. Its about dressing for your lifestyle not what the runway says. 
(Photo: Buttondowns from H&M)

 Mr. Henley 

Casual met Mr.Casual. Henley are the best dress and undershirts. Perfect to wear by itself or underneath your button-up or sweater. A great layering piece and comes in various price points. So no matter what your budget is your able to add this piece to your wardrobe.
(Photo:: Left: Express, Right: Old Navy)

 Shawl Callow Sweater 

When fall comes you always see the typical v-neck sweaters but this season I have fallen in love with the shawl pullover. It is versatile and flattering on every type of man. Come in in various colors and style it's the perfect fall piece to stock up on.


What I love about chinos is that they are dresser than denim and more causal than dress pants. It is your perfect in between piece that you can dress up or down to fit your style or event. It comes in varies widths, from men who love their skinny's to those who like a more straight leg traditional cut. It can fit every age range. From older gentlemen to your typical college student. They also come in various fabrication, like cotton, wool and corduroys. This season invest in your typical black and brown and add on grey, dark grey, camel and burgundy.

 Denim Shirt 

The best casual shirt every. What I love is that it is perfect for the entrepreneur guy or tech guy that works from home. It keeps you clean yet casual. Pair with chinos or denim it creates a cool effortless look.  *Jseivad Tip: Go for the contrasting denim bottom when doing a denim on denim look.

 Lightweight Sweater 

From round collar to v-neck, lightweight sweaters are great layering pieces to help keep you warm and add on to complete a look. It can go over vest, button-downs and undershirts. Whether your just going out to eat or a business conference or meeting up with friends. Styling light weight sweaters are as easy as one,two, three. Best bet is to get sweaters in solid colors, that you can get more wear out of verse print


What can I say about jeans, you must have them point, blank, period. There is just no way around it. Jeans are a staple in a person wardrobe. Its the dress down dress up item of all time. Tailor to fit every style, both gender and every shape there is out there. All you need to do is find the perfect fit and get it in  every wash. If you are one of the rare few people that doesn't wear jeans often, invest in at least four to six pairs in your closet in black, dark blue, blue and light blue washes.

 Casual Button Down 

The day your meeting with the guys or have a lunch date with the wife, you want something a little dressy but not too dressy. The casually button down comes in so many styles and color that its perfect for every occasion. Recently i found a few in Banana Republic and Armani Exchange that I just love. They are more dressy than usually. I look toward button down that you can dress up or down and that pair well with jeans.

 Timeless Suit 

You must I repeat must own a black,blue and grey suit. It is one of the most timeless recognizable look and pieces to have in your wardrobe, perfect to pair with your button downs. Every man must have a timeless suit. Suits are to men what pumps are to women. You just have to have one. Invest in a suit that is tailored to you. Go for a fit that flatters yet gives your breathing room. You want to look and feel great. If you have a tight budget look to places where you can create your suit by finding matching color separates and placing it together. Then later getting it tailor fit to you.

 Tailored Wool Suit 

Classic yet sophisticated. You want a suit that is custom to you and keeps your warm in the coming days. A great invest piece. You want this because your spring suit wont keep you warm and on the day your rushing to that interview or a brand meeting you want to know that you are well dressed and warm for the occasion. It come in light weight and heavy weight.

 :: Footwear::

:: Accessories ::


A tie is like a right of passage every male goes through that make sit that signify you have reach adulthood. Tie is the classic accessory piece no matter what your lifestyle is you absolute need one. First and foremost invest in ties, because they will last long, get the basic black navy and red tie, then spice things up with a tie that shoes off your personality. Trick: Your tie and suit should have a nice balance or cool contrast, to make the look complete.


We have move from the age of your basic three hand watch to watches that show the inside gears of this hand accessory. I am one of those women who wears watches for shoe rather than function. I'm honesty not ashamed, for the man who want watches for both style and function, its great to get a sterling silver and gold watch. Both pair well with suits and casual looks. If your more of a sporty or urban man, a watch that lens towards all black or animated would be more of your speed.


interesting enough what use to be a slightly dull accessory is now the life of the party. I've seen many men spice up their wardrobe withe some funky socks. Whether is color-blocking or cool prints, now its down to the most tiniest detail men are now getting stylish with.


A necessity in every males closet. Not much to say but please have a least two in your closet. Brown and Black, colors that will got for every look. Its best to invest in genuine leather for longevity. If its belts you love you can definitely get them on budget but if it's just for the purpose of having one buy one that will last. It cut time from you having to continuously think about buying another. Within 6 months add another pair to your list.


  1. I also love styling and shopping for my hubby! These would look great on my.. Nice picks..

    1. Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!! Looking to do more.

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