Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Genesis // A New Beginning

Guess who got baptized this past Sunday, ME!!!!!!! Sunday was the day i gave it all to Christ, made it officially. It  my day to get baptized all week I have felt that I needed to be the first one line. So I just felt in in my heart. So now its the day of Baptism and I wake up.

Everyday when up I check my, technically I say thank you God first then check but I'm not perfect I have off days. But Sunday I woke up and I was pumped, I put my phone on the charger and got ready. When I grabbed my phone and turned it on my dictionary app came up. This app is awesome, everyday I get a Word of the Day to help build my vocabulary. So, why today of all days my word is GENESIS.

I looked t my phone and I was like wow. Genesis, definition was creation, beginning. he day I am going to be reborn it said beginning. I then text my mentor telling her what happened. She was thrilled. Then I headed to church, on my way I was compelled to read Genesis. So as I am reading, my mentor text me telling me what the Lord said Genesis means. I was astounded and excited. I got a word before baptism, it was the best present to receive. To put it plain and simple my word was that my life is brand new and I was excited. 

As I stood waiting on line I was nervous and excited. I was in the back. Whats crazy
was that I was suppose to be in the front. All week I felt that, then when I got into church my mentor told me that so I knew it was important. So I'm on line and after a while I just was like its okay whatever God wants. I'm waiting with a bunch a people, then i see Sarah and they begin to get ready. Tell me why at the last minute. Sarah turns and says the line starts here. I know became on f the first people to get baptized. I was like Amen. Thank you Jesus. 

Watching people go one by one, me and Chinaza pray and then I pray by myself as I'm going. It's now my turn. It was like I was in slow motion moment. I climbing up the stairs and step in the pool. I can feel the water. It was so cold. As I get steady, pastor Rebecca and Glen begin to hold me. Pastor Rebecca lays her hand on me and prays. I feel overwhelmed by the spirit, so much so I thought I was going to fall forward. Finally, they push me back and in that moment I saw myself engulf with water all around. I saw myself in the water looking up. It felt like I was in the ocean. It felt like it was a moment that could last forever and then before I knew I was up and I walked out. As I'm walking out I hear no one I just feel cold. It's crazy because usually I'll breath or hold my nose when I'm underwater but this time nothing it was all God. 

I have been going to The Rock Church Manhattan for a year and three weeks now. My mind and life has been flip and turned for the better. Everyday is a day that I learn more about myself, others and life in generally. I have grown as a person, designer, stylist and overall child of God. The things that make me happy has change as well as things that upset me. My transformation has been remarkable and best of all it just begun. I'm excited to see what God has instore for me. I'm like a blossoming flower, hence my handmade maxi skirt I wore to embrace the day!

Today I say I am happy how far I have came with God and excited to see what more he has in store. I look forward to sharing more with you beautiful, wonderful people. 

Hugs and Love - Simply Jseivad

Photos by Briana @Briwrks


  1. Cute look! Love your skirt!


    1. Thank you love!! Made it myself and it's one of my favorite pieces.

      - Joy