Wednesday, October 14, 2015


GUESS WHAT? It's my birthday!

 All I want to say is thank you Jesus I have lived twenty six beautiful years. However, what I'm truly happy about is that I can say I am two years old in Christ now. Wow, I remember just yesterday when I moved back to New York all I wanted was to make my life better, find God and grow my business. Who knew that God would fulfill my promise and put me right where I needed to be.
The first year was tough, because I wasn't working. I quit my job at H&M and open up an online shop for the summer time. Once summer was over I had to stop sewing, but what amazed me was that is exactly when God showed up! He swept me off my feet and into his house. I went from not having anything to do to being in church every single day. I can say I became the busiest non working person in the world. The thing was, I was working, working for God and in that he helped me move forward with new ideas as a blogger. Now, I'm working full time at J.Jill, freelancing as a personal stylist, maintaining my blog and growing my other businesses, When things just out of nowhere stop or end up being held off, take a step back and realize God is doing something. I consistently tell myself God knows exactly what he is doing. All I need to do is do my best to be more and more obedient everyday, have faith and continue to build my relationship with him. 

There have been some ups and downs, a few mess ups even in my walk but one thing I have learned this past Tuesday is that I have a calling in my life. In the bible, it says greater works shall we do. Meaning the work Jesus did was just one level. We are called and predestined to be great, to do above and beyond what he done when he was alive. You are called to do above and beyond! You were never meant to be average so, don't allow others or society to make you feel ashamed or wrong for dreaming. With God all things are possible. It may be my birthday today but really it is our birthday because everyday you wake up it is a new day. A new day to do something different, to get one step closer, be nicer, help someone up, and to show the love of God. So, don't let it pass you by!!!!



1. As Told By Ginger is the only show I watch. (Available on Youtube)
2. I would sneak and eat the baby powder milk when I was 12. (Don't judge me)
3. I love chocolate covered strawberries, bananas and anything with chocolate, minus pretzels.
4. I miss the my favorite shows; Rocketpower, Hey Arnold, Doug, Are You Afraid of the Dark and the first 5 seasons of Desgrassi before the original cast went to college.
5. I always wanted to be a Barber.
6. One time I kicked a soccer ball through a neighbor window.
7. I've prayed with over a thousand people since being at the Rock Church.
8. I had a crush on LL Cool J when I was young and had a scrap book dedicated to him.
9. I would day dream about being a small person (size of an ant) and when it rained I would surfboard  with a leaf down the street. However, it would always end with me possible going down the drain into the sewer.
10. I secretly want to be a ninja spy.

Thank you God for blessing me with twenty six beautiful years. And most of all thank you for saving me, filling me up with your love and restoring me and my family!!! 

God Bless you God! Happy Birthday!!!

Photos by Briana @briwrks


  1. I really admire this simple but classy look, the contrast with the oversized jumper and skinny jeans is soo me! Happy Belated Birthday lovely :)