Thursday, October 29, 2015

What to Wear // Ponchos

Once the unwearable piece in the back of your grandmothers closet, now the hottest piece of the season. Ponchos are this Falls "It Girl". What I love is the versatility and various styles.  From button ones, to embroidery, beaded to cable knit, having a poncho will fit all looks and look great on everyone.
Ponchos have been around for a while being used  as a utility piece; for example protection from the rain.  Then later ponchos  transition  into being worn for celebrations and became even more popular in the sixties with the flower babies, also know as hippies. 

Ponchos are a basic essential to have during the fall season. Ponchos in themselves has become a new garment they are now being made out of knitting, fur and even vinyl. Design variations include,  sleeves that are form fitting, some are long, others are short, some have bat wings, others have button on the side which has in turn made the poncho versatile. By being able to unbutton it and using it as a shawl, blanket or even a soft pillow during long flights home. Ponchos have now become a must have in every ones closet. 

Here are a few of my favorite ones.  Enjoy!!

Jacquard & Camel Poncho - H&M

Geometric Poncho - Zara

Color block Poncho - Forever 21

Cable Knit Poncho - J.Jill 

Ribbed Turtleneck Poncho - Ann Taylor 

Fur Buckled Poncho - Forever 21 

Striped Fringe Poncho - Forever 21

      Turtle Neck Poncho - Oasis & Other Brands                         Patchwork Poncho - Zara  

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  1. Omg, I love ponchos! They are a great piece to style up and down. :-)


    1. Yes they are! I working on a little project hope to share real soon. Thanks for stopping by!!

      - Joy

  2. Yes Ponchos are a must have for this Fall season!! Loving the different colors and lengths!