Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pleated Pencil Skirt

Cherishing the few sunny days we have before the cold weather begins to kick in. I remember when I wanted to move to Florida when I was little. I wanted to escape the cold, but then I heard they had earthquakes. Let's just say my mind changed after that.
I still dislike the cold but I love the fall season. It's the best and only time you can layer and feel great. Until then, let's focus on a great look that is perfect for the work place.

Today's look is centered around the basic shape of a pencil skirt. The skirt I am wearing has the basic  pencil skirt silhouette with added pleats in the front, giving it more volume. This type of skirt is great for women who worry about their mid-section. This skirt is known as the bell skirt, a great piece that camouflages your midsection. It is great to invest in basic pieces that have a few design detail. These simple yet little details allow you to still show off your style while remaining simple.

   Full Look  

Blouse - Tommy Hillfiger
Pencil Skirt - Mimso
Bracelets - Natalie's Boutique
Hair Necklace - Thrifted
Hair Jewels - Beauty Supply Store
Camel Bag - Aldo
White Mesh Pumps - Christina Sarino

Photos by Briana @Briwrks

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