Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What to Wear // Basic Layering

Who says fall wasn't easy to fall into. Like any other blogger would say I love the fall because it's layering season. But let's be real, it's the time where we're finding everything and anything to wear because we just want to stay warm. Especially living in New York City, it gets really cold and the weather jumps from warm to cold all through the ending months. 

Which means we have to be prepared. Layering is not that hard honestly. It's all about finding basic key  pieces that will help bring the look together. I will be doing a full post about the top five basic pieces to have to layer in the next week. So, be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date on latest.

Today, we are focusing on beginner layering. Plain and simple you want to be efficient in the morning when your running late or you have a meeting. Looking for an outfit sometimes have you spending an hour or have you throw on anything just to get out the door. This is no beuno. First, you should always plan ahead. Set aside three looks the night before, so when you wake up you'll be able to pick from those choices you have. 

Basic layering is this, finding pieces that compliment each other. You always want to have two to three layered top, then your outer wear and your bottom should be two to three pieces. Grab you favorite sweater or crop top piece, add a longer button up shirt or blouse underneath. What I enjoy is that it helps you utilize pieces, normally you would have put away for the season. This helps you not only utilize your closet but also save some money. Just because you think you don't have anything to wear doesn't make it true. This is the best time to get creative. Take any sweater, blouse, blazer vest and begin! Go beyond what you do and tailor down to what's comfortable for you. 

  Full Look  

Motorcycle Jacket - Thrift at The Rock Churches
Crop Sweater - Banana Republic
Spotted Button-down Blouse - Joe Fresh
Leather Panel Ponte Pant - Ann Taylor
Combat Boots - Missmo for Target

 Inspirational Message of the Day 
Timing is everything. The things you are praying for will show up when you are most ready for them.

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Hugs  & Love - Jseivad 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much love!!! I truly appreciate it.

  2. hi Joy! i can tell you are an expert at layering! you look fabulous here and i am looking forward to your 5 basic layering post. beauty!

    love, liz

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I'm excited for the post to, i really want to build women's confidence when it comes to dressing themselves. So i want to go in depth with each subject I talk about!!

  3. I love how you layered this look! I'm obsessed with that sweater and Blouses! It looks fab. Stunning outfit,
    Love, Memz

    1. Thank you love, both pieces are my favorite. So amazing.

  4. layering is a perfect way to make a simple outfit unique :) Love your look here!

  5. Gorgeous look! I'm so surprised and impressed that the blouse is Joe Fresh... great find!


  6. Great tips! I love your look here, that black and white top peeking through gives such a nice contrast to the whole look! You look fab!

    Have a wonderful day, beautiful!



    1. Thank you so much love!!! It''s one of my favorite look.

      - Joy

  7. So I need this leopard top in my closet! I love how you styled this look from head to toe!!

    Tierney // Fashion to a T

    1. Thank you love, it's one of my favorite tops too.

      - Joy

  8. Love your style and this fun layered look. I also like that you're maximizing the efficiency of your closet staples by layering. I live in Seattle so layers are a must. I can't believe your jacket is thrifted! So cute.


    1. Thank you so much love!!! Yes!!! My church is so awesome and God is Good!!

  9. You look so pretty! And this outfit is so on point, love it!