Monday, November 2, 2015

Accessory of the Week // Bucket Bag

It's no secret women just love bags. Bags are literally a girls right hand man. Having the job of holding everything we need in one place. No matter what kind of lifestyle, from school teacher to doctor, student to artist, we just can't function without our bags. These days I been wanting to carry less and less. So, I needed a bag that can fit my key essential while still being cute.

Introducing the Bucket bag. This season it's all about the bucket bag which I don't mind because I just adore them. They are easy to carry and come in so many different styles. What I love is the basic silhouette and how for a small bag it can hold so much. Whether your running to the store or meeting up the girls, this is the accessory to have when your on the go. There are so many that can fit  even books. If your anything like me this is a plus. I must be able to bring my bible, journal and sketch book so, I need one that can fit all three.

Here are my top ten must have picks for the fall, variations included fur, zippers and more. Enjoy!!

Croc Bucket Bag  & Nevin Bucket Bag

Carlos Bucket Bag

Kelsi Bucket Bag

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  1. OH YES! i love bucket bags too and all of your picks are gorgeous, especially the caramel colored one you are holding and the rich saddle colored one from Kelsi.

    love, liz

    1. Yes Elizabeth I'm currently looking to get the Pun Croc and the Black Bottom Zip one.
      They are so cute!!!

  2. I absolutely love that bag!! I love the skirt you're wearing with it too. Great choices!
    Love, Memz

  3. Hello Joy! Love your bag, the skirt you are wearing and every other single bucket bag you shared. I always carry so much stuff in my bag and it ends up being too heavy. I need to de-clutter ASAP! Thanks for sharing and have a very blessed Sunday! XOXO, Jeannette

    1. Thank you so much love! The photo is actually from the bag designer of KeKe Bucket bag! I looking to get my own bucket bag soon.

      - Joy

  4. I love this post- I'm a huge lover of bags and adore your chosen selection of bucket bags. This post has definitely inspired me to purchase one of my own.

    Lots of love

    1. Thank you and I'm excited to see which one you get!!