Thursday, November 19, 2015

Accessory of the Week // The Weekender Bag

As you walk into your favorite clothing store, you hear Christmas music playing. Snowflakes designs on the walls of local coffee shops and hair salons and you begin to wonder where has the year gone. No need or time to wonder now because it's time to pack your bags, grab your charger and head to the nearest airline.
It's that time of the year again! Holiday season; where we see long lost relatives, look for that perfect dress for your bestie holiday party and figure out what to get your mom this year because it's just so hard to choose.

While some of us love the holiday season, most of us dread the work behind it, one particular is packing. I'm hoping your not like me where I wait to the last hours before I have to leave to pack. Or maybe your over pack or don't pack the right things. I'm such a fashionista when it comes to packing because so many looks come to mind that sometimes it's hard to decided. However, I just created a packing method that truly works for me! What helped me was actually purchasing a weekender bag! Most of the holidays are in a three day format. I usually just make weekend trips because I work and style full time and if this is your current life you need this too. It's not a vacation remember, it's a trip. So, it is the perfect size to carry more than enough while helping me take out what I don't need. 

Packing for any trip can sometimes be challenging but focusing your looks around what you will be doing for that day is how you can turn it all around. Focusing on what your activities and restyling looks it what can help you in the long run. Best part about this is that these bags can work for any three day trip, whether it's a weekend with the girls or business trip to Toyko! Easy to pack, and light enough to keep the weighing cost at zero! 

Here are my top 10  picks for men and women! The perfect weekender bag that can packing process that much easier!! I love to know what you think and what is you must have in your Weekender Bag. ENJOY!! 

  Men Weekender Top 5   

 Women Weekender Top 5 

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