Friday, November 20, 2015

Feature Friday // Pepper & Life


So, I'm guessing you've seen the new banner, if you haven't please check it out. Let me tell you the beautiful story behind this banner. I've been looking to make a banner for some time but just didn't know what I wanted or how to do it so, I left it. For the past couple of months I've been making a few changes here and there to add a better look to the blog. I finally got to a place I was satisfied, but it was still the same issue with the banner.

These past week I  joined a group started by a couple of style blogger friend, called Style Collective.  This group is dedicated to bloggers as a way to help bloggers of all levels come together. Being able to learn from one another, support and uplift each other. I was invited to the group by my friend, Ruthie, who also was one of the ladies who started the group. After being in this group for only a week, I can say they live up to the mission. Everyone is so positive, loving and most of all genuine. Everyone helps everyone, from tips about branding, photographer, coding to growing as a blogger. We really support each other from advice on how to deal with negative comments to putting Instagram on their blog. I love the group. It is also where I met this beautiful woman name Anna.

Every other Friday Style Collective does a #FollowFriday post on instagram to help one another build their followers. The way it works is that you are placed in a group and two days before Friday, the leader of the group starts a DM (direct message) on instagram  as a way for everyone to get to know each other.  I found it scrolling through the group page on facebook. You have to sign up for it on the signup sheet before a certain time. i had commented on the post because I had miss the deadline. Ruthie later commented telling me I would be able to sign up the next round.
 So, I said Amen.

Tell me why at 9:38 in the morning the next day she tells me one of the girls drop out for the follow Friday spot and ask me if I would be interested. Of course I would!!!!

So, Thursday came and Ruthie was the leader of the group I was in. She started the DM and it was off. It was so amazing getting to know the girls. In my group was Ruthie, Anna, Kait and Diana. We all hit it off right away! We found out where each other were from, how long we been blogging, talked about our experience. I told them about going to Fashion week and how it was all God. I ended up praying with them the prayer salvation (it's apart of my calling) and we all connected. We were all talking about stuff we need to do and what we admire about each others blog, when I mentioned my banner. Out of nowhere Anna says she can do it.

I was like really so, she DM me and we talked. Let me tell you Anna is sooooooooo sweet and amazing first of all. So, we chat for a bit and of course I had to figure out what I wanted. 
So, I waited on it.

I knew I wanted butterflies but wasn't sure of the rest. Let me tell you God knows what he be doing. During the week I had a rough day and on that night I came home my sister out of nowhere, gives me a white rose. I knew it was from God and cried. Immediately I knew I wanted it on the blog. So, I told Anna. I told her I wanted my name in script with butterflies around it, a white rose. I added other details and a couple other ideas and gave her freedom to free hand. I PRAYED before I sent it and ask her to pray before she started. Let me just say I didn't know what I was expecting at all. 
The ending result was that you see at the top of this post!!!

By the way after I finished writing this post, I checked my email and found out she did my logo too!!


So much so, I cried when I saw it. Anna is such an amazing woman. I am so bless to know her and have her in my life. Seriously, not because she did this but because of her heart. Again she did not have to help me, she didn't even have to follow through with it. I experience in the past people saying they would do something and forget over time, or come to you two years later with it. This woman is fabulous. She is intelligent, efficient, creative and has a heart like Christ.

I admire this woman so much and she has no clue. Her blog is called Pepper & Life, dedicated to her love of cooking and style! She is such an amazing person, please do me a favor show her some love, check out her blog!! Subscribe and follow her on Instagram. What I love about this is that it happen all by Gods grace. He lined it up and with a kick, score the winning touchdown. All I wish for you Anna, is for your life to be so blessed; your career, your family, and everything in-between. I just want to thank you and dedicate this post to you!
 Happy Friday and I hope you have a great and beautiful day!

Inspirational Message of the Day

Love beyond measure. Give beyond receiving. Lend a helping hand and help a dream become reality. It's one thing to help yourself but it's another thing to help a stranger. Be the reason someone has hope. Show the love of Christ to even those who push you, talk bad about you, or rude to you. When you show them that love, they will know God exist. For he loves us all. For in love that's when change happens, in love freedom is won, by love we were saved.

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Hugs  & Love - Jseivad 


  1. Hi hun! I am part of Style Collective too. Love these photos on here, you look gorgeous and I love your style!

    xoxo Emily