Friday, December 18, 2015

What to Wear // Opaque Hosiery

Colder days adds on the worry of putting your favorite pencil skirt away for the season. Folding up next to summer dresses and cute rompers. You reminisce about the sunny days and they way you felt when your word that cute cocktail dress the night you and your girls met that guy from t.v,. Why must it end. Colder days require solutions that are as simple as pie. Pull out a pair of black tights and watch your look come back to life.

Once a annoying task now the first thing on my to-do list, you gets it purchasing tights for the winter. Now I know you must be saying how come you don't have tights, that's because my student budget didn't allow me. As well as when i walk into a store I'm not necessarily thinking about tights, I'll get a pair of pants before buying tights. That also included socks, and gloves, I always forget to purchase them for the season. Then i'll go through the whole season complaining and stating how i need to get some. I know I need to do better. Which is why I decided to focus in on the little forgot me not items we tend to forget to stock on with the season change and leaves begin to die away.

Here's a quick step guide I will currently implementing in my life so that I have my hosiery drawer looking mighty healthy. Step 1, take time aside to research and find out about different types of hosiery, from density to color. Step 2, Put away six to fifteen percent of your money aside every time you get paid to invest in your undergarment/hosiery collection. Step 3, Stay focus on the task walking into the store of your choice and only carry the money from your hosiery stash. This is a great way to really focus in on building your collection without feeling like your missing out on anything. Another way you can build your collection is by purchasing one or two tights every time your get paid, skipping a pay period here or there (for obvious important reasons) till your have a healthy hosiery collection.

I love black tights, they are a must essential in every women closet. Invest in pairs that have a great amount of denier (thickness). Fifty and up is what your looking for, or just based it off of your warmth level. You want a few pairs that can last you through two seasons worth of cold weather. I'm currently on a mission to wear more skirts and dresses so, it's important for me to stock up on my hosiery. Even to wear underneath my pants is important. Here are my top picks for every budget, that will keep you warm and happy. Enjoy!!!

Tights $55 & Under

 Matte Opaque 80 - Wolford

Ultra Tights - Commando

Tights $25  & Under 

Signature Lux70 Denier Tights - Donna Karan

"Everyday" Opaque - Nordstorm

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