Friday, February 19, 2016

Cargo Pants & Dumbo Art

They sometimes say cargo pants are for boys, I say whatever. In the streets of New York there are no rules. Just decorative wall art and a girl screaming for her voice to be heard. It's time that we stop settling for the norm and burst out in creativeness.

Like this beautiful wall art I found in Dumbo during my shoot. I felt compelled to stare at it. It something about the rebelliousness of outside painting that helps me truly appreciate the city where I live. It's not just the people that teach you, but the environment as well. This wall represents to me the ideas bursting pout of my mind. Like a tree and it's branches growing in so many different ways but united by it's roots. It's a single idea then later stem other great ones.

We owe it to ourselves to keep dreaming, believing, and never stop thinking. Being creative is not just art, it's every facet of life. From a carpenter to construction worker, you have to be creative enough to gather information then build on a thought.

  Full Look 
Wrap Coat - H&M
Moto Jacket - Banana Republic
Striped Three Quarter Top - Ann Taylor
Cargo Pants - Topshop
Ribbed Ankle Boot - H&M
Ribbed Zip Bag - Zara

  Inspirational Message of the Day  
It's never to late to get up and start again!

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Hugs  & Love - Jseivad 


  1. Love that wrap coat!

    X - L e a h

  2. Great look - I love how edgy it is & those heels are too good. I love contrasting the masculine look (cargo pants) with feminine (heels/jewelry, etc)....and of course, a good wall is a must! ;) You nailed it!! xx Shannon

  3. Love that outfit!! You look gorgeous!