Friday, March 4, 2016

Ripped Jeans & Heavy Knits

Sunnier days are slowly approaching. Like me I'm sure your excited for the options of trading in your heavy coat for a simple heavy knit cardigan. It's always an added bonus when you have pieces that can work in the fall and spring. Having transitional pieces makes it easier to maximize your wardrobe while saving money.

This look gives me a Louisiana tomboy field. Especially in this cute neighborhood. It reminds me of the streets of Louisiana that are colorful and filled with cultural. Going beyond your style is important! When I say beyond, I'm speaking of trying something you may not necessarily would have thought of. Normally, I'm not one for boyfriend jeans or mom jeans. Mainly because I'm highly blessed in the lower half my body so it's often not flattering. 

It's important to find what works for you, not have it just to stay your in style. Finding a great pair of jeans is like finding that perfect job where you clock in and out when you want. Or even that vacation you been dreaming about and finally receive you get a sense of satisfaction. In this look I embraced my love for menswear while still giving a little city edge.

Currently on the everyday wear is this amazing hat I bought from Forever 21. Yes! You heard correct. To pull off this similar look, simple pair a white top with a great cardigan and some jeans. They don't necessarily have to be ripped but if you do know that you don't have to do them. You can just Do It Yourself. Get it, DIY! Remember style is not what brand your have it's about taking something old and reinventing, making it new. Try this week to restyle one of your favorite or how about not so favorite looks. Challenge yourself to find creative ways to make it work! Share your results with me via email or instagram! I'm excited to see!

  Full Look 
Hat - Forever21
Cardigan - Banana Republic
White Buttondown - Old Navy
Jeans - Thrifted
Ankle Boot - Marc Fisher
Stud Earrings - Claire's
Chain Earring - Forever21

  Inspirational Message of the Day 

The reason why you're going through so much is because God is trying to reveal your hidden potential.

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