Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vintage Dolce & Gabbana Trenchcoat

The best finds are when you least expect it. I find that this quote pertains to a lot of things in life. The grace of God is sufficient, whether your running late for work; miss an audition. Or even when you have gotten lazy in your own personal work. Through God's grace we are covered. This isn't to say we should take advantage and do what we want. It actually means do what you need to, be responsible and let the grace cover you when you need it the most. 

Through this past year I realize we have choices, every second of everyday. Some easier than others. Too often we turn to others for advice instead of turning to God. We do what we think is right and end up creating a bigger mess for ourselves. Free will is great however, it's our responsibility to use it wisely. Case in point recently, I've been stuck in the same lesson.  God has been trying to teach me how to be faithful in the little. From money to jobs, to even being in ministry, he is trying to teach me how to make do with what I have. Doing my best with what I got. Too many times have I messed up on accident or on purpose. It may have been more on purpose just because I was stuck in this limbo for a while. 

You know limbo it's a state where you don't have a schedule. You feel like you doing a lot but your not really doing anything or the day go right past you. It's important to be discipline, pushing yourself to complete things and stay on task. We have to remember that God is teaching us a lesson in everything. Even in prayer, you may ask for a new job in your field. So, God gives you a job doing the opposite. You may think God didn't answer you but in reality he may be preparing you for the job in your field. He is building character traits through the opposite job that you will require in your dream job. If we begin to think like this we will be more closer to our dreams then before. In order to see the big dreams come true we have to take the small steps that come before. Make a conscious effort to try harder, work smarter and be diligent. 

In everything you do, Do it with a PURPOSE! 

This wig was made by Sheila @stylingwithsheila. She used @ivymarieluxhair to create it.
I adore the length and color. Compare to most wigs I've worn, I give this a 3.5 out of 5. I love the curls I'm just disappointed the front got so frizzy. I am super picky and have experience all types of different wigs. The only thing I wish was for it to be more versatile.

This vintage Dolce & Gabbana trenchcoat I obtained from my church (The Rock Churches) coat donation drive. This was back when I wasn't working and I needed a coat. I faithfully went looking everyday till I found an amazing winter coat and this beautiful trenchcoat. I often think God gave me this special treat just because I refused to give up. And that is what you have to be when it comes to your dream.  Never give up. God got you, just don't stop running.

Full Look of the Day

Metallic Trenchcoat - Dolce & Gabbana
Blush Deep V Bodycon - Forever 21
Blush Pumps - Lola Shoetique
Wrap chain - Vintage 
Shades - H&M

  Inspirational Message of the Day  

Don't let time make you doubt what God told you would happen. No matter how long it takes... 
When it's God's will it will always find its way.

*Photos take by Purcell @nurse4life

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Hugs  & Love - Jseivad 


  1. You look stunning my friend!! I love your hair and this look so much!! Your words are so powerful! You are such a light my dear!! xo

  2. Such a stunning coat and story behind it! Hugs, Kait

  3. I love how you styled the trench coat! You wear blush pink so well :)

    Jenn |

  4. I definitely feel this, girl.
    You know limbo it's a state where you don't have a schedule. You feel like you doing a lot but your not really doing anything or the day go right past you.

    It's so interesting to be in that state - because it's truly in the flow. But it's also like where is the time?

    Wishing you love, girl!

  5. Love the Way That You've styled Them with the rest of this outfit!

  6. Very nice coat!
    I loved the photos.