Monday, May 23, 2016

How to Style // Highwaist Pants

How many of you ladies still have pooch trouble. You know "pooch", it's the daunting bottom of your midsection area that is not always visible unless your wearing something formfitting. It's the little area that if you could just slide it off you would be able to have the six pack you always wanted. Luckily, there are several clothing that can camouflage this section while it's still under construction. Even if it's not under construction it is great to have a pair of items that flatters rather than gather.

High-waist pants are one, if not my favorite type of pants to wear. Actually, any bottom that has a highwaist I love. It helps you create that hour glass figure without having to go on a crazy diet or wear a waist trainer. I personally am not too fond of those things because I'm consistently thinking about how it can possible hurt my ribs or organs inside. Extreme, I know but hey those are my reasons. To me high waist pants look great on any size, they are especially great for girls who are thick or plus size! It is a bonus when dealing in a world where it's a consistent reminder that your not skinny. I am tired of hearing it and ready to embrace all of me including my pooch.

Tips on How to Find Your Highwaist Pants 

 You must first decide what kind of cut style you like, whether it's flare legs or skinny. This is I will say often is easy but at the same time hard. For example, cigarette style is a cut I struggle with a lot because I can never wear sneakers with them. To me it just feels like it throws my whole look off. I prefer wide leg or skinny. However it's important to learn how to rework items for your benefit. To style this cigarette leg, I decided to go with combat boots. Another way to work with this cut is to pair it with pumps. 

Flare legs are great because they are easy to pair with any type of foot wear! This style is great for petite woman. It adds an extra length which is great when paired with a wedge shoe. Another cut that is perfect is wide leg pants, for the women with an abundance of hip attach, it's balances out your bodies proportion. This is also, great for woman that are top heavy. It helps to give you a sexy silhouette. Both cut styles are versatile. You can transform it from boho chic, modern edge to new age seventies. You can wear it with an off shoulder shirt, v-neck tee, button down, or an tunic.

Skinny highwaist pants are perfect for anything. Whether it's a chilly day or night on the town! You can dress it up or down. It's a little bit hard for woman who are thick and petite. Sometimes, it makes us look stumpy! Or gives us never so popular sausage legs! If you do where them, I recommend going with darker jeans with wide legs. 

For my tall Amazon woman! Your best bet is to find brands that customize your length. Too often I've met women who torso  was the reason why they were so tall. Since, they had a longer torso than legs it would through the look off! It's always best to find clothing brands that really cater to your size. It's cute to have things that look nice but so much better to have things that fit! It makes a world of a difference. So, take some time to find out what brand works for you! Learn your body and move forward! 

 Look of the Day 

Long Sleeve Gold Top - Goodwill (Arlington,VA)
Highwaist Pants - American Apparel
Combat Boots - Target
Hat - Forever 21

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  1. Oh I love this look so much!! You have killer style!! I always look forward to your posts!! xo

  2. That bag is amazing! You have the best style!
    xoxo Sarah

  3. You look so beautiful! I love your pants and how you've styled them here and I adore the effects on your bag, so cool! Thanks so much for sharing, girlie, and I hope you're having a great start to your week so far!



  4. These pants are darling on you! I must admit that I tend to steer clear of high-waist pants because I worry they look funny on me, but I might as well embrace them because I'm seeing them everywhere! -- Amy @

  5. I always worry about this problem too but these look great on you! So cute! Xo

  6. SO cute! I love a good high waist! Hugs, Kait

  7. You styled these so well! Love highwaisted pants! You look gorgeous!

    xo Mariam