Friday, May 27, 2016

Light Sweater & Linen Pants

First, I like to say thank you to all my supporters who have stuck by me this last year! You guys honestly keep me going! Not for nothing there are a lot of times where I want to quit. It's  not because I don't love what I do but because of how the industry treats me! However,  I realize it doesn't matter what any one says or thinks! It's about what I believe and who God says I am.

For a long time I would always compare myself to another! It wasn't something I wanted to do it was more so I grew up with others comparing me to someone else. Any friendship I had, me and that person would always be compared to. And I would always be called the mean one because I was bold enough to speak my mind, the loud one because I was outspoken or worst the not so attractive one! 

For a long time I couldn't truly see my beauty! It would hurt inside everyday feeling as though I was worth nothing then trying to find myself in relationships that all were just a lie. A lie. Time and time again I would throw myself into my work or a man only to distract how I felt inside! So many times I would look at other woman and want to be just like them. Wanted to live there life. Trade places just for a day! I hated who I was. 

It wasn't till Christ found me that I began to see my beauty. I am not perfect I still do have my moments but we are all work in progress. The only difference is I finally choose up love myself. Everyday a little bit more. You see we all have a past, we have deeper feelings, we have that desire to want to be another but the thing is there is no need. 

In the bible it states how Hod fearfully and wonderfully made us! It describes how he knows every hair on our heads. Most of all it speaks about God gave his only son for us Listen carefully only son by birth! Don't ever think God doesn't love you! Let alone think he messed up when he created you! So what you don't look like BeyoncĂ©, J-Lo or Ann Hatheway! You are beautiful in your own right. When God crafted you he made you for a purpose. 

To effect change in the lives others. To inspire others. Those who dare to dream but are scared to try! When they see you they see hope. So from this day, learn to fall in love with each and everything you think is a flaw! For those so call flaws is what makes you, you! You see it's not a person features that attract others! Is there confidence to be exactly who they are! Daring to be you is the biggest challenge accomplishment you can ever make! 

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