Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to Style // Headwrap

It's honesty time! I was so scared to wear head wraps because I thought my head was to big. Another reason is because I have to cornrow my hair down and then wrap it. Which often makes me feel like i don't have any hair. Most certainly is a lie. You see, I use to over analyze myself a lot. I'm currently working on it. Letting go every day little by little and trying things that make me a little uncomfortable. Out of no where I became obsessed with the headwrap trend. I decided it was time for me to dive head first and see what all the fuss was about.

The headwrap may see like a trend now but before it was mainly used as a protective style.  And way before that it was known in African culture to wrap your hair in Ankara fabric for special occasions. Now it's a mean of style, keeping your hair protective or if your just having one of those lazy days. 

What I really love is that you can dress it up or down. This headwrap I'm wearing in the photos was gifted to me by my mentor and fellow blogger Chinaza Moses. At first when I saw it, I didn't think it would match with anything I had. However, I realize the pop of color and boldness is perfect. It is the IT item in an outfit. It was a Sunday morning when she brought it to me and I had on this look. In style it's best to be bold and try something different you never know how it will work out. 

Style 1 // (In Photos) Button up collar shirt, deep v-neck dress worn backwards, midi circle skirt, combat boots for an added edge.

Style 2 // Casual pocket t-shirt, ripped denim jeans, converse and a cool backpack. Great look for a chill day out shopping with friends or sitting on the steps of Union Square 

Style 3 // Jeweled light weight top, with long purple pleated skirt and metallic pumps. For an evening out to see a ballet show at Lincoln Center and dinner right after. 

Hope these three style looks spark your creativity for your next headwrap look. Be sure to check out future post on several ways to wrap your headwrap. 

  Inspirational Message of the Day  
If your brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. Remember that God doesn't allow certain doors to close if they are good for you. He is looking to shape and mold you. Build you into the person he has destiny you to be. Be brave enough to let go and see what God has in store for you next.

:: Photos by Purcell Nurse ::

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  1. I think you look really pretty! The head wrap adds a unique aspect to your outfit!

  2. I love you in this head wrap!! I can see your beautiful smile shine even more now!! It's amazing how we can be our worst critics. I'm glad that you embraced how beautiful that you really look styling head wraps!!


  3. I love this wrap -- so colorful! You've styled it perfectly, in my opinion! Fab!

  4. I love the wrap! You look gorgeous lady. Have a fabulous week. Xoxo Amber