Monday, June 20, 2016

Top 4 Trends We Love this Month

Oh June, how I love you so! Not only do you bring the lilies and the bees but you also bring trends that are worth falling for! From a little shoulder love to some pom pom fun! This month adorable picks have me feeling all cheery inside! Here are the top four trends we are currently obsessing over!  And if you just gotta have them, don't you fear! You can shop the picks right here! Just click and go! 

Isn't it obvious this season what every woman needs to have in her closet. Often thought of as one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body, off the shoulder is all the rage. From tops to dresses even jumpsuit are showing up with a little shoulder love. All you need to do is fine what works for you. For my petite woman I say go with a sheath dress. For my ladies with a little height, a jumpsuit is your perfect match. And for my ladies curvy ladies, a flare wrap dress will do just fine! 

Give Me a P O M  P O M  What does that spell? Pom Pom
Once thought of as the things cheerleaders use now has a whole different groove. From shorts to purse, even dresses! We see these adorable little poms poms hanging off of everything. I especially love them on my heels! 

What so special about espadrilles? Maybe. it's the fact that there so comfortable. Or how about that you can wrap them around your ankle. No matter what style you get, you will be tremendously surprise on how cool and convenient having a pair could be. 

Who doesn't love when two trends become one! You literally get the best of both worlds and a fringe kimono is a great example of just that! It comes in various colors. It's great as a cover up for the beach or even just a little something to turn that casual look, chic! 

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  1. That off the shoulder denim top is amazinggggg! I love it. Hugs, Kait

  2. omg I have been looking for a kimono like that! so so gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing love!

  3. I seriously can't get enough of off-shoulder tops and pom poms!! It seems to be all I'm wearing these days! Love this post!

    xo Kelsey |