Friday, July 29, 2016

Payless x Jseivad // Christian Siriano Sandals

One of my favorite stories in the bible talks about being faithful in the little and in turn you will be given responsibility of more! Too often we despise humble beginnings. We see it as a shameful place to be! But the truth is, that's the best place to start! It's where you can make the biggest mistakes and no one will notice! It's where you can build on the foundation before you get to the top of the building! Set your skills, talent, mind, before moving forward!

As a blogger your always thinking about the next step, how to put yourselves out there! Heck, as anyone whether your are an inspiring basketball player,  lawyer, actress,  journalist, etc, your always looking for a way to get notice. Which can become overwhelming and lead you to want to give up if it doesn't seem to be working! In that moment realize  that your half way there. Reason being is it becomes true.  The sun coming around the corner and God rains down blessings on your life.
I can say this is because this happen to me!  

One day as usually I was checking my email and came across a message from Payless. I thought it honestly was just an advertisement. As I begin to read, I realize it's from the head marketer of Payless. She complimented my style and said they just wanted to say Hi. When she say Hi she meant we want to send you some shoes!!! By the outside world standards I should have not recieve a email from the head marketer of Payless! But God! When you have Christ you are set apart. Not only for you to shine but for Gods glory to be seen! It was only by his grace this happen.

I believe in my heart it was due to an opportunity He gave me last yea. It was a seed that I faithfully planted and God watered! It all started when my sisters from my church asked me to be the host of their dance showcase and interview the acts. I was not only shocked but nervous! In my head I'm like why, why would you guys choose me? Answer was plain and simple, they prayed and God chose me!  I said Amen and we move forward! I went all out for my position! I got a nice dress, got my hair and make up done. All that was left was getting some shoes and I would be set.

The day of the showcase I was running all over to find shoes! I finally stop at Payless because I knew they were affordable and reliable. I looked up and down, I was about to give up when I saw these cute white heels. I grabbed them, while simultaneously praying they fit. I tried them on and they fit! I grabbed them and headed to the event. It was amazing! The pumps were so comfortable and easy to walk in, so much so; I wore them any chance I got! At church, for photoshoots, to fashion events, etc. 

A year later, why do I get an email from Payless, come on! You can't tell me that's not God! I love it! I love how it doesn't matter if your perfect. It's the fact that you are trying, everyday doing a little better than yesterday! That is what God honor! It's not about if your good enough, smart, or talented. It's your effort to try and keep trying! That is what truly will make you unstoppable. So be faithful, even if you may not see the fruit of the labor yet! Don't give up because I'm telling you, it's just around the corner! 

  Full Look  

Loose Top - H&M
Highways Button Skirt - H&M
Sandals - Christian Siriano for Payless
Gold Chain Choker - Vintage
Gem Necklace - Forever 21
Crystal Necklace - H&M
Sunglass - Urban Outfitters
Living Water Bracelet - Alex & Ani
Silver Bangles - Vintage

  Inspirational Message of the Day  

Be faithful in the little and God will give you much!

*Photos by Sheila @iamsheilaj*

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Hugs  & Love - Jseivad 


  1. Love this look - the color of your skirt is gorgeous!


  2. What an uplifting story PLUS your outfit is too cute! -Jenna

  3. I love this outfit, especially the skirt. And the sandals are the perfect touch.

  4. Girl, you look so fab!! And congrats about scoring those sandals from Payless, I love them! <3

    Abby xx

  5. Congrats girl on the collab! Isn't that feeling reading those emails like super exciting!! Plus you can never go wrong with payless shoes! They are always on point :)
    Sarah Lindner