Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Top 12 Summer 2016 Highlights

This summer has been amazing. First and for most it was hot, so hot that I actually rocked a ponytail. Ha! I can't believe it's coming to an end, none-the less I decided to go out with a celebration. Highlighting my top moments of the summer. From bike riding at Chelsea Piers to celebrating Fourth of July with the family, this summer was nothing else but fun.

1. Collaboration w/ Shop Tobi (Lace Top) Brought my curls out for the summer. My favorite shoot that showed me in a different light. You can check out all three looks from this three part collaboration here, here and here.

2. When your celebrating the Fourth of July with my church family at a BBQ then find a dope stadium with the flag, you have to stop and take a pic!

3. I love, love, love quotes. This one is one of my favorites! It motivates me to make changes in my life. So much so that when I started walking in the change, I saw results. Now that is what I do, I walk in the change O want to see and think nothing less of it. Check my Instagram for more motivational quotes.

4. One of my favorite shoots to date! Highlighting my lips, once I thought was bad. Now I embrace every inch. Also this post was my first beauty product review!!! Loved every minute of shooting it. I have a little secret we shoot this in a play theatre house. You can read full article here.

5. My first fragrance sponsorship. At first I was skeptical because not every perfume smells good but I was willing to try! It smells soooo good, I was glad I decided to do this sponsorship. It also pushed me creatively to think outside the box in order to get a shot that would market the product well. I'm proud to say that it was so good that they are now using it as apart of there marketing campaign to sell on Amazon!!! Glory to God!!! Yassss!!!

6.  Walking in my blessing! This tee was a reminder to appreciate each and every single thing in my life no matter what things may look like. You can read the article here. This was also my favorite casual look mainly because I got to wear my converse with a skirt and dance around! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

7. The moment I read that email I said Thank You Jesus! It was an honor for the head of Payless marketing to emailed me and complimented my style. So much so that they wanted to send me shoes. Come on, only God can make that possible!!! You can check out the full article here. This is one of the top leading brands in shoe wear, that's been around for years! So I can only give God the glory for making it happen. It's beyond my knowledge of how they chose me all I can say is, that's Jesus! He will make you stand out. I'm bless to say that happened and even more bless about what's coming up next with them! So stay tuned.

8. One of the funny highlight was when I put my hair in a ponytail. It was amazing how many people didn't recognize me! I was very shock and I guess they were to because. I never ever put my hair in a ponytail. This summer was so humid that, there really was no way around it. You can official thank summer. I also decided to do two style look with these cute pants from Mandee, rocking my ponytail with both looks. You can check it out here

9. Best D.I.Y. Ever!!! I was so obsessed with this cute trend that I had to take action. So, instead of purchasing something with pom-poms I decided to design my own. I just adore how they came out, if your obsessed too and want to know how to make your own, check out the article here.

10. Everyone knows I am a very active person, so when one of my friends brought a bike to our picnic, you know I had to get in on it!!! It was so much fun and look how cute this photo came out!! I hadn't ridden a bike in so long, so this was long over do. It made my day!!!

11. Bubblessss!  Ha! It was wonderful to having this as prop during for my Eye Feel Shady Photoshoot. The shoot was for these amazing sunglasses, you can read full article here

12. I was speechless about this Mood Fabric Sponsorship. For me it was one of the biggest highlights as a blogger and designer. It's an honor when people recognize your work and a blessing from God, when get opportunities like this. I've obsessed with fabrics all my life, and Mood Fabrics is the leading store when it comes to designer fabrics. They not only sponsor me with fabric but also featured me on their page and I got to host a giveaway with them. It was amazing! Read full article here.

Hope you enjoy this time through memory lane. The biggest lesson I take from all this is being open to new possibilities and being grateful every step of the way!! I love to hear about some of your biggest highlights this summer. Feel free to let me know in the comments below! Until next time, smoothies!!!

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  1. Wonderful posts!
    Adore this summer highlight!
    You are beautiful inside and out!
    xo, Shell

  2. Love this post!! So cool to see all of these amazing things in one post! Congrats on a beautiful summer!!!


  3. Wow you had an amazing and blessed summer! Enjoyed reading your recap!

  4. Cute summer roundup babe! Hugs, Kait

  5. Such a great post! Sounds like you had an awesome summer. I'm happy that you rocked that ponytail too. You have great energy!

    April |

  6. such a great post, congrats on all your great partnerships!

  7. Oh I love your photos! Great style and roundup!!