Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Zaful x Jseivad // Leaf Boho Dress

Every get the feeling of "what's next?" It's a question I asked myself recently because the summer was over and it felt like a chapter in my life was over. It was as if I walked into a new season and I felt it! 

This wasn't a just because moment, this was a true feeling I felt and I new in the moment it was time to now walk in this newness. 

Often times we can become routine or settle for the everyday same old same! I'm here tell you today! It's time to wake up and go on a new adventure! Go on a different adventure! Push yourself into a space that's uncomfortable! Currently I am not setting goals because I can no longer walk in the old Joyce. And in order for me to see change I have to make a change. In the way I work to the way I think. I have approach a crossroad and can't delay! I must make decision. I choose to put on a new dress, place my crown and walk in as the Queen I have been called to be. One thing I learn is that when your looking to be successful your always going to be under construction! So work hard! Make the walls beautiful, decorate the bathroom with flowers, put up your effort tower photo and make your salmon and avocado on toast. 

This bohemian v-neck long sleeve feather pattern dress from Zaful was the perfect fit for this post. When I think of a new leaf literally this dress made the thought become reality. My photographer even said it look like I was getting married all I needed was my gold leaf crown. The fit was great minus my arms, but I have think arms so that often happens. Ha!  I love the buttons on the cuffs and the v-neck bodice cut. Overall, I love the feel and the split of the dress makes it that much more daring and sexy! Yasssss!! 

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 Inspirational Message of the Day 

When your looking to be successful understand that your always going to be under construction.

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Hugs  & Love - Jseivad 


  1. Your hair is STUNNING. Also you look like an angel!

  2. This white maxi is gorgeous . Love the whole look

  3. The details on this dress are absolutely ethereal. Sounds like you're at an exciting time in your life! I love that you said we are under construction. It's such a good way to put it. We should always be "under construction" and never finished working on ourselves, learning, growing!

  4. Love this look! Beautiful leaf details and gorgeous sleeves and flowy skirt!!

  5. Such a beautiful dress :)

  6. I love this dress as much as I love your opening message! It's so easy for us to get stuck in our comfort zone. But growth doesn't happen there! xoxo

  7. You look beautiful in this pretty print! Hugs, Kait

  8. This looks is stunning! :)