Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Beauty // Winter Facial Regimen

I'm so excited to share this new step in my life with you. It's a new season, all around for me spiritually and natural. In this season God has required me to go up a level in every aspect, including how i take care of the body he has given me. We all know what happens when winter comes around, for most of us we get lazy, let our leg hair grow for a few armpits to. We really just don't care because when you are covered in hats scarf and a jacket no one worries about the hairy leg when they too are trying to stay warm.

I've made it a conscious decision to take it step by step working on one area at a time. First, thing God place on my heart was my face. I know understand why today when i was walking and the wind smacked me in my face. That harsh wind air can truly dry up your skin. So it's important to have a facial regimen that will keep your face moisturizer and healthy. 

A month ago, I stop by duane reade randomly to look for a few things and i decided to restock on my facial products. Usually i just buy facial cleanser and moisturizer but this time around I took some thought with the help of God. I actually read the back of labels and looked for something that truly would help my skin. I purchased Aveeno Clear Complexion cream cleanser and Aveeno daily moisturizer lotion no fragrance. I purchase no fragrance because your face can end up breaking out if the lotion you use has extra chemicals in it in order to make it smell good. It may smell good but its no good for your face. 

With the thought of me having to take care of my face i decided to do more than the basic so i also purchase Studio 35 Beauty Cucumber Facial Mask and Facial Clay Mask. I understand now what it mens to go an extra mile in a new way. Too often we do the median when we should do the max. When it comes to taking care of your body inside and out it's important to make the right choices. 

I feel all grown up, so I believe it was only right for me to share these wonderful products with everyone. Whether your looking for something new or you are a beginner in the beauty department like me, these products are perfect. 

Step 1 // Cream Cleanser from Aveeno 

- Wash the dirt and any residue from your hands, your about tpo touch your face you don't want to add more from your hands.

- Wet your face and apply the cream cleanser. Gently massage product all over face for 20-30 seconds, avoiding eye area. Then rinse throughly.  

Reason: You want to get all the oil, dirt and residue off the surface of your face, helping your skin to begin to breath. 

Review: I love the exfoliating beads that are in the cream they are gentle which is perfect for my skin. The thicker beads sometimes scratch my skin which leads to marks on my face. 

Step 2 // Facial Clay Mask from Studio 35 Beauty 

- Massage mask onto face and neck, avoiding eyes. 

- Allow the mask to dry, this may take 10 to 15 minutes. (This was the funniest part.)

- Once dry, rinse with warm water to remove. 

Reason: Facial mask are great  technique to use  in order to improve circulation to the skin, remove dead skin cells and give a  healthier goal. 

Product Review: My facial clay mask was an avocado and oatmeal.  Main focus was to clean my pores and polish my skin. When I say I couldn't move my face, I couldn't even say J. I actually recorded it on snapchat. It's no longer there but many can test it was funny. After I rinsed my face, I already saw 

Step 3 // Peel -Off Cucumber Facial Mask

- Massage mask onto face and neck, avoiding the eyes. 

- Leave on for 5-10 minutes and allow mask to dry. 

- Peel off mask gently, then rinse face with warm water.

Reason: You want to remove the blackheads deep in your pores. This mask revitalizes your skin, soothes your skin,  reduces pores blockage, treats dry skin and removes facial hair. Its literally an all in one process to take care of all your faces little nics and nacks. 

Product Review: This mask was amazing. It clears all the blackheads and leave your face feeling so refresh after you rinse the residue. It's literally as if you peeled off a layer of skin. I love how my face feels after. It feels like my skin is breathing. 

Step 4 // Aveeno Daily Moisturizer

- Apply all over face 

Reason: It's important to moisturizer your face especially over night so that it stays baby soft and has natural water in it. Where if the win blows, it doesn't do harsh damage to your skin.

Product Review: I love Aveeno daily moisturizer, mainly because has no fragrance. This means there is no perfume smell, which usually is add with chemicals. Its great for youe faces because some of the chemicals in perfume lotion can cause your face to break  outs or worst, get a rash. Your face may not react kindly due to the chemicals used in perfume lotion, which is why you want something with no fragrance. 

*If at night doing this process apply vaseline around lip and 

How to maintain through the rest of the Week 

At night I wash my face with the clear complexion, put vaseline around my eyes and on my lips. Lips are optional but suggested if your looking to keep them moisture in the winter. 

Next you want to mix a drop a vaseline with your moisturizer and put all over the remainder of your face. 

The next morning bowl a pot of hot water. Dip a face towel in it, drench the excess water and lay towel on face. Do this three time. The moisturizer your face and continue with your daily face regimen, whether it's makeup or a little eyeshadow. 

Hope you enjoyed this routine. I love to know your thoughts, questions or concerns. If you have a routine as well that you know has great benefits, I love to hear about it. Be sure to drop a comment! Till next time!

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  1. This is one of my favorite brands. I usually use the moisture but haven't use these other products. I'm going to have to try it.

  2. Sounds like like you're off to a great start with taking care of your face! I really like Aveeno products too, I use one of their face washes for the morning and their sunscreen moisturizer. Hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving week xx