Friday, March 17, 2017

10 Transitional Coats to Wear Before It Gets Warm

Who knew from 75 degree weather it would snow the next day! Enjoying the day off is cool but it has me over here questioning whether or not spring is coming back. I think she is currently on a vacation in the Bahamas. This is fine but I definitely need her to come back as soon as possible.

I am now going back into my closet grabbing as many coats I can. Making sure to grab the ones that can keep me warm while still be stylish. I adore coats and thought this would be a great opportunity to do a round up of coats to wear before it gets warm. Since, it doesn't seem like spring is coming any time soon, why not embrace it. Here are my top 10 picks of transitional coast to wear now before it gets warm! Enjoy!

1. Sport Trim Bomber  (above) - Love the urban styling of this coat. Edgy yet super wearable during those chill days when the sun is bright but the wind is harsh. 

2. Embroidered Parka Jacket  - Parka Jackets are like the best windbreaker jackets. I love that Zara added embroidery in the back and front giving it more of a street factor.

3. Windowpane Trenchcoat - Trenchcoats are every women's must have. They are stylish and versatile. i really love the fact the windowpane print on this one. It adds more dimensions.

4. Duster w/ Loop Detail  (above) - Black is overrated but black is always in style especially when it design with a major style purpose. Love the loop detailing of this coat. 

5. Floral Embroidered Moto Jacket - Leather jackets will never go out of style especially when you have little added details to make them standout. I love that this jacket is embracing the embroidery trend.  

6. Ringman Rain Jacket  (above) - Perfect jacket for those random rainy days in New York City. I love the weight and structure of the jacket. 

7. Embroidery Denim Jacket - Denim never gets old especially when they rework they latest trends into it. I adore this denim jacket because its for those days that bright and sunny, giving you hope that spring is coming. 

8. Long Coat (above) - On a professional tip, this is a must have. Keeping this classy yet springy with the lemon yellow shade. I am all for bright colors during the winter season. 

9. Cotton Snap Coat - Need something a little more tame, this coat is perfect. High collar and snap on buttons, its the perfect grab and go coat. 

10. Pilot Jacket (below) - Loving the over size aviator jacket. Inside lined with fur is just an added bonus to the mix. 

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