Monday, March 27, 2017

Lookbook | Bow Tie Sweater x Highwaist Pants

I've heard too often the clothes make the man, or first impression means everything so make sure you dress well. I don't agree or disagree with this statement. I do however feel that you need to find your confidence first before dressing yourself. The biggest mistake you can make is rely on things to give you empowerment. When you are already empowered everything else is just an added bonus to exude that. The great gift of styling is that you can truly become whomever you want, but the mistake is relying on the clothes only.

This season is a great time re-evaluate not only your closet but also who you are on the inside. I personally have been doing some revamping with the things I want to do in my life. From what I wear, to the purpose of my blog,  to my career. It all eventually has to have a bigger purpose and meaning. So, I've decided to make everything about helping others. Case in point with the weather being so up and down I decide to do a piece about what coats to wear before it gets warm. A great way for us to embrace this cold weather but still have us looking forward to spring.

On my latest trip to Goodwill I found this amazing blue coat. Funny thing about this is that I really didn't need another coat, but who could resist when it's just so fabulous.  This was a worthy piece to add to my winter wardrobe. I have found a balance when it comes to my shopping trips. I weigh out do I need it and if it's worth it. This time wasn't the best practice but it was a worthy invest because I never owned a blue coat.  The anticipation of spring is what inspired this darling look. Hey, at this point it's better to be embrace what we got.

I went for a mix between Blaire Waldrof from Gossip Girl and Jackie from That 70's Show. I got my bell bottom pants from L-train Vintage a few months ago during NY Fashion Week in September. Totally cost, ten bucks. I know right, amazing! I adore the square pockets and the feel of the denim. This adorable sweater I purchased from Loft. It may seem a bit daring due to the weather but like i said I am in anticipation. Hey, it's still a sweater. The only difference is that the shoulders are cut out. I fell in love with the shoulder tie, such a cute added detail. The sweater itself has a touch of silk that feels fabulous. Even more, I love the color. It really gets me in the mood that spring will be here.

Full Look: Long Coat - GoodWill / Cold Shoulder Sweater - Loft / Highwaist Bellbottoms - L-Train Vintage 
 Pink Pumps - Lola Shoetique / Pearl Choker (worn as a necklace) - Forever21

  Inspirational Message of the Day  

It's about making a decision. If things are not going right make a decision to change that. Too many times we go through a situation and say we can't overcome. The reason you can't overcome is because you didn't make decision to overcome yet. Even in your decision not to make a decision, you've in reality made a decision. So how about we make a decision to be an overcomer and change the outcome of the situation by making a decision in the right direction. - Joyce Davies

Photos by Brian @trustmyeye
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Hugs & Love - Jseivad 


  1. I always LOVE your pictures! You are so dang cute and that shirt is adorable on you!

  2. That sweater is so cute! It is such a great fit and that coat is my absolute favorite! The color is just gorgeous on you xoxo

  3. What a lovely post! Stepping into spring with a nice subtle color pop! And oh! Your hair is everything ��������

  4. Super cute look! You are rocking that color blue, and that sweater is different but lovely. Great look!