Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lookbook | Pastel Pink x Fringe Knits

What happens when a color you use to dislike with a passion becomes the color you just can't stop wearing? I tell you what you can do. You can embrace it, just like any other new obsession. 

I have fell in love with pink and it seems as though I just can't stop. The latest additions to my summer wardrobe has all been the same shade of pink. Now, I begin to wonder, what was the reason I didn't like it. I think it was the stereotype behind it. Girls that wore pink were automatically considered girly, or extra feminine. Not to say i am not feminine. Its more so I like to get my hands dirty as well. I'm an active person, whether its Rock climbing or jet ski, you wont see me shy away from that. So I guess thats why i stayed away from that color. But now its a whole new season and God has me going for it in every style. 

Style tip for you ladies, you want to go for colors that wont wash your skin out. That means make you look pale. For darker women we only have a few colors that do that, we are lucky most colors look rich on us. Colors to go towards are blues, bright yellow, bold greens or my favorite fuchsia is a great one. For my fairer skin women go for colors like hot pink, red, ocean blue even mellow yellow. 

Another Style Tip, yes it may be sunny but its always good to keep a light cardigan with you when going in and out of places that have the ac blasting. Main reason is to keep your body temperature from jumping all over the place. They are even great for days where its sunny but windy!! I know it may seem a bit crazy but trust me. If your easy to get cold, do yourself a favor and grab one before you leave your house. 

   Full Look   

Fringe Cardign * Target // Maxi Bodycon Dress * Rainbow Shops
Metallic Backpack * Forever 21 // Cognac Wedge Heel * Target
Pearl Necklace * Forever 21 // Hoop Earrings * Rainbow Shops

  Inspirational Message of the Day  

“But when Jesus saw her, He called her to Him and said to her, “Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity.”” - Luke 13:12

This woman heard the most incredible words of her whole eternity. She would never forget that moment, that day, His voice, the way He said it, the clothes she was wearing or even the weather. This woman had an "all of a sudden" moment. For 18 years she was bent over looking at dust with no hope that she would ever be healed. Then "all of a sudden" she received the word that made her healed her and gave her the ability to stand upright. She no longer had to look at dirt but could look up to the heavenlies. Imagine people bent over looking at dust every single day; working, traveling, eating, and etc. Let's help people get loosed from their infirmity in the same way Jesus loosed us so that they too can receive their miracles and know they are heaven bound. - The Rock Churches Worldwide

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