Thursday, September 7, 2017

What to Wear | Denim on Denim

Within the past couple months I have lost focus on many goals at hand. I became somehow to self involve. It was like a woah is me attitude. Everyday looking for someone or something to fill it. Can I just be real for a moment? Trying to fill yourself up with things and people just doesn't work, because once there gone the feeling goes away. It's almost like a drug. You use it then when it's finish your high is over.

This the thing, you can't go through life walking around on a temporary high. You just end up getting more down and out on your situation and circumstances. Hey, maybe even your life is good but you feel as though you truly don't know what direction to go next. I believe that was my issue, which is why I just was trying to do anything to figure it out. However, the anythings weren't anything geared towards my career or life goals. So, in a sense I was just wasting valuable time. 

Thank God, for God grace over my life. That I understand the blood and what it represent. The blood of Jesus washed away all our sins. You may ask how just how? John 3:16 says, God gave his only begotten son so, we may have life. This mean everything you did in the past, present and what you may about to do is forgiven. That when you enter into Christ, when you recognize and believe who Jesus is in your life you will have everlasting life. We wake up with new mercy everyday. So, it's now our opportunity to grab hold of that and walk in it everyday.

Want a different outcome? Then change your old habit to a new habit.
My biggest bad habits were going to bed late and not waking up on time. I moved recently so now the gym is two minutes away from my house. I can take advantage but I've allowed laziness to get to me. Now, in order to better myself. I set an alarm clock and placed it across the room from my bed. So that whenever it goes off. I must get up out the bed in order to turn it off.

Another habit I had to change is my eating habits. I now have a full kitchen which I have access too. Make a day to plan your meal for the week. Find recipes you like to try ahead of time, that way when you are in the grocery store you have a target list. Rather then just wasting time going up and down the isle picking random things up.

My goal this is to pray, plan and proceed. In everything you do, all God to be the center the root. Before you do anything pray. It doesn't have to be long, just something simple. Like God I pray that you guide me in this blog post. Give me the words to say so that someone can be effective and be helped by your grace and your grace alone. See, easy. A lot of times we over complicate our relationship with God, when all we need to do is just start talking.

Take the time to make the changes needed. It's the little steps that make a big difference. Don't despise humble begins. Trust me we all have to start somewhere. 

  Full Look  

Floral Embroidery Patch - Rainbow
Denim Jacket - Rainbow | White Camisole - Rainbow
Denim Skirt - HM | Pink Stilettos - Lola Shoetique
Lace Choker - Forever 21 | Pearl Choker - Mandee | Tribal Choker - Zara

The denim on denim trend is what you want to wear now. I love it because it looks good on everyone. It so simple yet stylish. I've always love the denim skirt but could never find one in my size. It was either too big in the waist or made my butt look flat. So annoying! However, i got the chance to execute it when I found this pair in H&M last month. Another way to try this look is pairing a Denim button down with some denim skinny jeans or have fun and do a bell bottom jean. Love to see how you wear this trend. Share your look on instagram and #wtwjseivad.

  Inspirational Message of the Day  

“He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler.”- Psalms‬ ‭91:4
It's good to know that God's intentions are always good especially in times when fear arises so quickly and easily. Remember you were made for a purpose, to be effective and to be used by God. Don't allow fear to cripple or stop you. We have a good Heavenly Father and a good friend in Jesus. He is so in love with you, He covers you, blesses you and has your back. He is always good.

Photos by Shaq @bey.manuel
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