Tuesday, December 5, 2017

5 Ways to Wear Your Sweaters This Season

Here we are yet again in another chilly season, where the trees go bare, the cold breeze hits your hair and Starbucks has their seasonal pumpkin spice all ready for holiday cheer. I don't know about you but this is also around the time where I wonder, where did all my sweaters go? Is it just me? 

I never seem to find my warm ones and then I think, what was I doing in the winter last year. I love sweaters, almost as much as I love coats. It's the perfect piece that keeps you nice and warm. Coming in various weights and styles, it is one of a few versatility pieces you can dress up or down. I am currently obsessing over long sweaters, which can double as a sweater dress. Style tip for you today is always find a piece you can easily restyle in a blink of an eye. Those are the pieces that will save you time in the morning when your running late to work. No fuss, no muss.

This cozy cable knit sweater is my new favorite. I got it from H&M last week. I am infatuated by the color and length. It is the perfect weight and can easily transform into a sweater dress. Also, I am fond of how the turtleneck. I like how its not to tight around the neck, yet still close enough to keep me warm. This is a great piece to pair with a coat that doesn't have a collar.

 Cable Knit Sweater - H&M | Highwaist Jeans - Uniqlo | High Knee Boots - Payless

Too often we can get a bit overwhelmed whenever we are in a new season. Many of us rush to the nearest store to purchase what a lot of times we already have in our closet. We just need a bit of tools to help us utilize what we have verses automatically spending money on things we truly don't need at the moment. Need a little help styling your sweaters? No problem! I have rounded up 5 ways you can style your sweaters this season, in hopes to make it more easier on days when you just don't know what to wear.

White Button Up - Nordstrom | Off Shoulder Crop Sweater - Pretty Little Things
High Waist Button Up Skirt - Zaful | Johannah Booties - Steve Madden | Sorbonne Backpack - Louis Vuitton

This is for my city girl who no matter what has to stay looking like she's from uptown even if she's currently living downtown. The best way to play up an off the shoulder sweater in your closet is by pairing it with a button up. Layering is essential when it comes to staying warm in the winter time. It's paying attention to detail in the smallest ways, without overthinking. On mornings when you don't know what to wear, grab a button up and your favorite crop sweater. Add a cute skirt, throw on a long coat and your ready to strut down the streets, posh girl style.

 Lace-up Fluted Hem Sweater - Alexander McQueen | Wide Leg Trouser - Zalando | Cahier Shoulder Bag - Prada 
 Pisa Ankle Boot - Mango | Vintage CC Earrings - Chanel Retro 60's Oval Sunglasses 
Pearl Embellished Beret - Nordstrom | iphone 7 Case Coco Case - Runway Catalog

For all my ladies who work a 9 - 5, too often our weeks end with us in jeans and a t-shirt, which in some cases are fine. However, it's always great to look your best, because you never know what adventures will occur after hours. A form fitting sweater paired with a High-waist, wide leg pants, no matter what body shape, it's the right move. This look accentuates the best parts of you while it simultaneously camouflages the areas you believe are flaws. Wide legs are professional and stylish.

Layered Sleeve Sweater - Gamiss | See Thru Chiffon Top - Rosegal | Lace Up Cropped Jeans - Sans Souci 
Chunky Lace Up Boots - Pretty Little Things | Double Zipper Buckle Backpack 
Selin Medium Cross Earrings - Are You Ami

Spice up the casual jean look by pairing it with a flouncy sleeve sweater and overlaying it with a beautiful black lace. This adds dimensions to the look. A bit daring for the girl who just wanted a little casual. This is a great way to rework some of your lace tops from your summer wardrobe. Mix and match, even try it with a bold print. You never know, you may like it.

 Floral Print Crepe Dress - Quiz Clothing | Comme Wool Blend Sweater - Lanecrawford  
Nia Knee-High - Amazon Fashion | Faux Fur Bucket Bag - Nordstorm | Amore Matte Lip Creme - Milan Cosmetics 

I love a great floral dress, especially one you can wear all year round if you style it just right. With this look I'll throw over a crop sweater and pair it with some high knee boots to keep my legs warm. Add a bold bag and your ready for girls night out or date night with the hubby.

Cropped Drop Shoulder Sweater - Zaful | Nina Rock & Stones Bustier - Modaoperandi | Poplin Obi Culottes - Tibi 
 Ankle Boots - Italist | Violet Pony Skin Mini Ada Bag - LA Perla | Rose iPhone 7/8 
Moonlight Eau de Perfume - Lord & Taylor

Being girly is so much harder in the winter, but not to worry. Grab your favorite bustier and throw over one of your lighter weight sweaters. Such a great way to stay warm while still being the princess you know you are. I say go for a peplum look so whether you wear it with jeans or cigarette pants, it looks fabulous.

Photos by @bey.manuel
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  1. Love that sweater! I can definitely see myself as all these girls though. Does that make me a fashion schizo?!