Monday, June 4, 2018

Inspiration | A Battle that Has Already Won

Last week was the week I got a call saying my friend was in the hospital. For me I didn't receive it because it was on a Wednesday See Wednesday is the day that we go to Healing Ministry so in my mind thats what she was doing. Healing Ministry is something Aeisha started in order to share her testimony of how God is healing her with other patients that are going through what she is going through. Which is why I didn't think anything of it when my friend Afiya, told me over the phone. I had originally called Afiya to check on her and my future Godson. She was due to deliver very very soon. I so can't wait to see my Godson.

When Afiya finally clarified that no she was really in the hospital I couldn't believe it. I immediately was like I need to go see her. I was also upset nobody told me well actually a bit annoyed. I went to church as normal in the evening, then  my sister, Danazah asked if I wanted to go with her later that night to see Aeisha. I immediately said yes. 

You have to understand over the years I've grown to love Aeisha, but we grew closer when we started working together on her project called Miracles Work. It's a series on her youtube channel that is a documentary of what she went through. She was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease last year, and spent most of the end of last year in a coma. Anybody looking at her back then would have doubted but God had big big plans for her. She survived and is now on a journey with God, in this testimony that I know will heal nations. 

Fast forward to last week, I ended up going to see her and I spent the night at the hospital. While on the way I was praying. I told God, I know you setting her up for a comeback. Looking at Aeisha I am just in awe because no matter what she is surviving, pushing and believing. When I look at her I see a fighter, someone who is indestructible. God has shown so much throw this women. A battle that has already been won because of Christ.

She has taught me so much in what the world would say her time of struggle. However, her time is a triumph. Showing the power of God and what having faith can do. This woman has taught me to be grateful even when life around you may seem dim.

Seeing her in the hospital that night made me hot, spiritually hot. I knew God wasn't done with her yet. She was not going to leave this earth till her work was finish. It wasn't. I watched her as she rest and she woke up to see me sitting in the chair. I spent the night with her in the hospital. We listen to worship music, talked about singing and prayed. God showed me in that moment how having peace in him can do more for you than anything else.

We don't know what caused her to go back in but we are believing that God is about to do the miracles. Crohn's Disease is basically when you intense gets attacked and can possible burst. Having this is rare, but known enough where people had lost their life. Aeisha is one who has survived by the grace of God. She plans to tell her story to the world and I'm just gratefully I can be apart of it.

I wanted to share this with you guys because I realize in this new age we are more concern with likes and followers that we somehow lost sight of what it means to live and be grateful for the life we have. Instead of chasing likes chase love, friendships, joy and happiness. Things that bring more value but cost nothing. Through Aeisha i have found a new way to live. Living a life with less worries and more joy. More of me doing the things I love and putting down the things that stress me out, that I have no control over. God ultimately is in control and I know if he is for me who can be against me.

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My blog is going on a new path, with a combination of sharing not only my style, how to style for your life but also my life. This for me is how I can stay authentic and true, not only to you but to myself as well. Also, I will be sharing links of my looks, and possibly open up an online shop. I'm excited for this new direction my blog is going to go. I believe this is what I have been called to do. I believe I am a creative writer. Someone who wants to tell a story, not just show pretty clothes. My goal truly is to inspire and motivate you to get up and go after your dream. So, with every new article I will do my best to do just that. Please feel free to comment below, I love to not only get to know you more but also your feed back. I want to grow a community of strength, love and support, one article at a time.

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