Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lookbook | Lace Crop Top

Crop tops have always been one of my favorite pieces to style. I love pairing them with high-waist pants, which as you know are the main style pants/jeans I like to wear. There's nothing like a good pair of high waist pants that hug your buns just right with a cute crop top to make you feel extra cute. I have always been a woman who was never ashamed to say yes I have curves and I love them.

I believe it's only right for women to embrace the beautiful body God has equipped us with, just in a manner that  cmakes us as women feel beautiful. You don't have to be naked to be sexy and you don't have to be covered up to be modest. Some of the sexiest woman i know have learn how to balance both worlds without compromising who they are. That is what i strive for everyday especially, being that I have a relationship with God. 

I believe for women like me that't the biggest struggle, especially when you have other women judging you. They somehow correlate what you wear to how your relationship with God is and thats not the case. Some of the most spiritual women i know are hot!! Two women I follow that inspire me are Jai Nice ( Instagram @jai_nice ) and Ciara Anderson (instagram @ayeciara). They have shown their relationship with God from the get go. Never hiding who they are or their love for Jesus. The stand loud and proud showing that God is truly first place in their life through their instastory. To the world they might be judge based on what they wear but to God he sees their heart. 

We need to have God's heart and stop judging one another, because theirs only one judgement that matters and thats God. i'm going to tell you right now, when your up in front of God taking account what you did, do you think he going to ask you about Sue or Kathy, no! He's going to ask what did you do. Stop please stop worrying about others. Focus on you and how you can be a light instead of darkness. Trust the worldalrieady has enough of that. 

Now back to the topic of crop tops, oh yes!! I just can't get enough of them. I feel in love with them even more when I found one made with lace. This one i was gifted from Shoptobi and to this day is still one of my favorites. I have worn it so many ways. Spoiler Alert: I'll be doing a video on how many ways I can style this, so be sure to head to my Youtube Channel Simply Jseivad)


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The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Photos by Alex Reynolds
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